These are Ganjar Pranowo’s notes for PDI-P North Sulawesi

MANADO, – Ganjar Pranowo attended the consolidation of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) organizations throughout North Sulawesi Province (North Sulawesi) at the MCC, Manado, Thursday (18/5/2023).

In the middle of his speech, the Governor of Central Java for the two terms gave a note to PDI-P in North Sulawesi.

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“I have a note for North Sulawesi. First, we will never want the achievements that have been inscribed by the PDI Perjuangan North Sulawesi to be taken over by other people,” said Ganjar.

“We don’t want others to disturb the bison in North Sulawesi. We don’t want to,” added Ganjar.

The PDI-P presidential candidate said he followed all developments in North Sulawesi, even though he was from Central Java. “Looks like the ranks are getting better,” he said.

Ganjar also reminded the PDI-P cadres who are currently sitting in seats in the DPR, DPRD as well as regional heads and deputy regional heads regarding the achievements that have been achieved.

“What is here is actually a show of a long struggle, tiring, which solidly produces. What is our task? If we lose a little at that time, recovery is hard,” said Ganjar reminding the struggle that has been achieved.

“But when the wins are continuous, it won’t be difficult. You need a unified name, you need mutual cooperation. As soon as we can win continuously, let’s count the four elections we’ve won, so our regeneration will be even greater,” continued Ganjar.

Ganjar also admitted that he got goosebumps when he was in North Sulawesi.

“I’ve had goosebumps since this morning, because almost all of us were invited to go out. Everyone’s welcome was lively. It showed an aura of being ready to win,” said Ganjar.

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