These are the 100 best doctors in Spain in 22 specialties

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2020 is and will forever be the year of the pandemic Covid-19 and of the doctors who left their skin to save as many patients as possible. For almost two months, these professionals received all the applause that they had never been given, nor had they been given other recognitions.

However, the pandemic has exposed the widespread belief, and even pointed out in 2017 in a study published in The Lancet, that Spain has excellent medical assistance.

In this 2020 it has been seen that there is a lack of resources, both material and human, and it has even revealed an organizational chaos thatwhich has led to the collapse of primary and hospital care.

But one of the pillars that explained the past perception is that of the quality of human resources. With all that has been criticized for health during and after the pandemic, no one in their right mind has been able to say anything against doctors.

Spanish doctors are good, and they are good both in terms of patient care and in another equally important pillar, research. This is what explains the broad participation of our country in international clinical trials, as one of the most promising vaccine prototypes for Covid-19.

Despite the fact that the general level is very good, many citizens find themselves in the position of choosing a specific professional when facing the treatment of a specific disease. It is undoubtedly done by users of private medicine – a sector that corresponds the 28.5% of healthcare spending in our country, where there are 439 health centers with this type of ownership – but also those of the public, since in many communities the free choice of doctor is allowed.

According to him Study on Medical Demography published by the Collegiate Medical Organization (WTO) in 2018, in Spain there are 221,470 active doctors and our country exceeds the western average by 12%, but with some drawbacks, such as a very uneven distribution of professionals at a geographical level and a decompensation between the offer of MIR places and the number clausus in the Faculties of Medicine.

Although in Spain there is no no ranking prepared by an independent body that allows consulting the performance of physicians in different specialties, EL ESPAÑOL has drawn up for the third consecutive year a list of the 100 most prominent doctors in our country, which adds to the ranking of hospitals public Y private which has also been published since 2018.

To choose the specialists their charges in different hospitals have been taken into account, its inclusion in other rankings -such as the Forbes list or the Top Doctors medical directory, which collects user opinions- or the recognitions they have received during their career both nationally and internationally.

They have been divided into 22 categories, specialties included in the MIR -the most demanded- and others not named as such despite the claims of those who belong to them, such as specialists in diseases infectious, with special relevance this year due to the pandemic.

For the first time, and due to the exceptional circumstances of this year, Intensive Medicine and Public Health specialties have been included, very relevant in the management of the pandemic.

In some cases, doctors in certain categories for their professional experience rather than for the specialty studiedHence, the names of the categories sometimes correspond to the bodies they deal with and not to their official name.

These are the 22 categories collected:

The best allergy experts

The best anesthesia and pain doctors

The best doctors in heart and cardiac surgery

The best digestive system and liver doctors

The best surgeons

Best Traumatology Doctors

The best doctors of plastic, aesthetic and restorative surgery

The best dermatologist doctors

The best endocrine doctors

The best doctors in hematology

The best general practitioners and internists

Best Infectious Disease Doctors

The best lung doctors

The best brain doctors

The best gynecologists

The best ophthalmologists

The best cancer doctors

The best ear doctors

The best children’s doctors

The best urologists

Intensive Medical Doctors

The best public health doctors


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