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The First Lady of the Nation, María Juliana Ruiz, and the National Government, in alliance with Teleperformance, announced 10,000 new jobs for young people from all over the country.

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“10,000 jobs are being offered that will represent 10,000 young people focused on their capacity for human development, academic development, and social development,” Ruiz said.

With the issuance of Decree 2365 of 2019, the employment of young people has been facilitated and promoted, especially supporting those who do not have high experience, overcoming one of the traditional barriers that are found when entering the labor market. Private companies have joined these initiatives by employing young people who do not have experience.

According to Andrés Bernal, CEO of Teleperformance region Colombia, Guyana and Peru, “all positions include an indefinite term contract with their respective social benefits and 100% of the activities will be carried out under the WAHA model, for its acronym in English: Work at home agent –in other words, teleworking–, understanding that we continue with our business activity, but also, following all the recommendations of the National Government and local administrations to continue operating from home, to help prevent contagion by covid-19 ”.

Interested persons You can check the requirements and apply to the 10,000 vacancies at

These job opportunities are for customer service agents and for the sales and technical support areas, they will have a salary of $ 1,800,000 and the only requirement is that the interested person must have a bilingual level of 80% in English, since you will have to answer calls from clients in other countries; and have a minimum of 10 megabytes of Internet at home to fulfill the responsibilities of the role.

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Profiles in the Public Employment Service

Thanks to the management of the Public Employment Service, Some 13,000 job profiles have been identified that are registered in the 229 agencies and exchanges of the Public Employment Service and that report having bilingualism skills; said the Minister of Labor, Ángel Custodio Cabrera Báez, who added: “as Teleperformance should do, any formal employer in Colombia will be able to approach our network of Public Employment Service agencies, to manage their job offers with them without incurring additional costs”.

Teleperformance developed strategic alliances with the Public Employment Service (Ministry of Labor), ProColombia, Invest Pacific, Invest in Cartagena, Invest in Santa Marta, Pro Barranquilla, Mayor’s Office of Neiva and Mayor’s Office of Tunja, among other allies, with the purpose of making the massive call and reach the majority of Colombians who, as a result of the new coronavirus pandemic, lost their jobs and the possibility of generating income.

For Juan Sebastián Arango, Presidential Counselor for Youth, “this articulation with the beneficiary population is not enough if we do not integrate and rely on other institutions, organizations of society, and of course the private sector, as we are doing today that we have articulated with Teleperformance that offers employment opportunities. All this union of different actors is the best route to have a resilient youth that can face this harsh challenge brought about by the pandemic generated by covid-19 ”.

For his part, Santiago Pinzón, Vice President of Digital Transformation and Director of the Chamber of Digital Industry and Services of ANDI adds that the private sector has made great efforts to face the challenges that the pandemic has brought and turn them into opportunities that generate employment, to reactivate the economy and thus boost the development of the country.

“The project that is presented with Teleperformance is a sample of the confidence and support that is had in Colombia and especially in the capacities of different cities to transform lives by promoting talent with the skills of the 21st century. This initiative reaffirms the value of working as a team between the government and the business sector to align the labor supply and demand, especially so that young people have jobs, “he added.



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