Business These are the 6 actions star from which you...

These are the 6 actions star from which you started the quarantine

In the last three months, there were six roles which were highlighted in the panel leader, with increases that reached 136 percent

The aluminium company Aluar (+136%), the entity Financial Group Values (+125%) and the steel company Ternium (108%) were the three papers of the panel, leader of the S&P-Merval best performance they had since the beginning of the quarantine for pandemic coronavirus on march 20.

Accompany them in the ranking the actions: the production of hydrocarbons YPFwith an increase of 106%, the holding company Grupo Financiero Galicia, with an advance of 83%, and French Bankwith a gain of 83%.

In both, the roles that the less yielded to the leading index -and still showed significant increases – were the of the company Pampa energía (+28%), Telecom Argentina (+36%), the power generator Central Puerto (+38%) and the firm agropecuaria Cresud (+46%).

This performance -that reflects the evolution of the listed companies – was due essentially to the strong rise that marked the price of the dollar cash settlement in the area stock in a similar period.

To compare the behavior of these actions in the current year, on the close of the last business day of 2019, to the front of the ranking was Cablevisión (+38,76%), followed by BYMA (+For 24.88%), Aluar (+21,76%), Telecom (+20,78%), YPF (+10,77%), and Transportadora Gas del Sur (+10,12%), according to Telam.

It also marked a positive performance of the roles of Ternium (+7,05%), Commercial Silver (+7%), Financial Group Values (+2,35%) and BBVA bank (+0,57%).

On the contrary, the actions of which most fell in the first nine months of the current year were Cresud (-29,27%), Macro (-17,98%) Holcim (-16,09%) and Carrier Gas of the Northern (-13,43%).

The actions of Aluar were the most they went up in the panel leader since you started the quarantine

The actions that most went up in the general pane

In both, the analysis of the performance of the firms that make up the general panel of the Bag of buenos aires in the quarantine, the producer and seller of wheat flour and semolina Morixe leading the podium with a phenomenal rise of 232% in the last 90 days.

In the ranking of the general panel also highlighted other companies agroalimenticias as Mills Agro, with a rise of 119%; the fruit San Miguel (+118%); Molinos Juan Semino (+113%) and the manufacturer and marketer of glass packaging Rigolleau (+105%).

In the opposite direction, from the beginning of social isolation and mandatory, the signature Garovaglio & Zorraquín showed a decline of 5%; the factory of gas appliances and electric cooling Domec fell 4%; the Clarín Group lost 3%; and, finally, with a gain of 1% appears Laboratories, Richmond.

To examine the roles of argentine companies listed on Wall Street in the first nine months of the last 90 days, the top five is headed by YPF, which went up 73%; followed by Ternium, with a gain of 50%; Grupo Financiero Galicia, with an increase of 50%; BBVA Argentina, with an advance of 49%; and the Group Supervielle, with an improvement of 42%.

For its part, among the ADRs of the worst performance were placed IRSA, with a fall of 16%.

To analyze the results of the last 90 days, based on market sources, the yields of many papers were in general significantly better than the evolution that marked the period, the official dollar, which increased a 11,42% under the supervision of the Central Bank, according to Telam.

Finally, when comparing the evolution that had the Bag of buenos aires in the quarantine, the leading index S&P-Merval accumulated a preview of 80,74%.

The actions that most fell in the first nine months of the year were Cresud, Macro, Holcim and Carrier Gas from the North

Actions of foreign firms granan ground

Along with the shot of the dollar, also won attractive investment options that allow you to dolarizarse yields. At that point, it particularly highlights the cedears, which allow buy from Argentina shares listed on Wall Street.

“While these are not companies whose business is tied to the argentine economy, the cedears have gained prominence in the last few months, with a increase in the volume traded (measured in pesos) of 654% if we compare the first 5 months of the year with the same period of 2019,” said Flavia Matsuda, coordinator of research at InvertirOnline.

In that sense, the expert stressed that the cedears that most went up were those of the” technology companiesas as Tesla, Nvidia, Amazon and MercadoLibre”. And he added: “The last ones were three benefited by the quarantine and work from home. Barrick Gold, a gold mining company, also showed great growth since this precious metal is considered to be an instrument of store of value”.

The cedears allow you to buy shares listed on the New York Stock exchange

The cedears allow them to buy in pesos shares listed on the New York Stock exchange

For his part, Luke Mieres, director of Neix, concurred with his colleague: “Within the winners without a doubt find the cedears of technology companies such as Tesla (+232%), Free Market (+132%), Microsoft (+80%) and Apple (+78%)“.

The good performance of the cedears, that is to say, of the american actionshas to do with the measures taken by that country to address the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

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