These are the autopsy results of a pair of Chinese citizens who died in a five-star hotel

The police released the case of the death of a Chinese couple in a five-star hotel, Jimbaran. (BP/eka)

DENPASAR, – The bodies of Chinese lovers, Li Chiming (24) and Cheng Jianan (22) arrived at the morgue at Prof Ngoerah Hospital, Sanglah, Denpasar, Monday (1/5) at 13.40 WITA. Furthermore, each victim’s body treated by a different doctor.

Cheng Jianan’s body was handled by Dr. Dudut Rustyadi, Sp.FM., while dr. Kunthi Yulianti, Sp.KF. handled Li Chiming’s body. Dudut during a press conference on this case, Wednesday (17/5) explained that an external examination of Cheng Jianan’s body was carried out on May 1 at 13.40 WITA.

While the autopsy was on May 4, 2023 at 09.45 WITA. “The results of an external examination found there were several injuries. The wounds are spread over several areas, the left forehead is bruised, the limbs, namely the right shoulder, forearm, lower leg, knee are also bruised,” he said.

Also found on the left and right neck there are abrasions in the form of lines. White fine foam was found in the victim’s nose and mouth.

While the results of the internal examination found bruises according to the external examination. In the respiratory tract found fine foam. Examination of internal organs found signs of suffocation or lack of oxygen.

“In conclusion, they were found injured as a result of blunt violence and died from drowning. While the abrasions form lines due to entanglement. The cause of death of the victim was due to the ingress of water into the respiratory tract resulting in suffocation. No dangerous substances or drugs were found,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kunthi explained that the results of an external examination of Li Chiming’s body found 20 wounds spread all over his body. There were open wounds clustered in every location, abrasions and bruises.

Open wounds were found on the left and right sides of the neck. There were open wounds on the left chest, back of the right and left hands, left wrist, right and left instep. Also found abrasions, bruises on the forehead.

The results of the analysis found an open wound due to sharp violence which is typical of an incised wound. The open wounds clustered on the right and left of the neck caused the blood vessels to be severed or cut off.

Cut out. The left and right first layer muscles are cut off but not all. Pale internal organs, little blood at autopsy. “The conclusion is that the wounds on the right and left neck, both back and wrists, if we look at the clustered open wounds, some are deep and shallow, these abrasions and scratches are common injuries that occur in people who injure themselves. The cause of death on a corpse is sharp violence to the neck which results in severing the right and left venous vessels resulting in bleeding,” he concluded. (State chart/balipost)

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