These are the beaches in Puerto Escondido that closed due to a re-outbreak of coronavirus cases

The authorities agreed on several measures to prevent an increase in coronavirus cases (Photo: Sectur)

The municipal and health authorities of Santa Maria Colotepec Y San Pedro Mixtepec, determined that the main beach of Puerto Escondido and three more bays were closed due to the outbreak of coronavirus cases (COVID-19).

After an increase in infections, municipal officials also ordered restrict urban mobility and have started limit the entry of national and foreign vacationers to that area of ​​the state.

Juan Romualdo Zavaleta, municipal president of Santa María Colotepec, pointed out that the entity still has time to prevent the SARS-CoV-2 virus from spreading, therefore it was established in the community assembly, together with the municipality of San Pedro Mixtepec, close beaches and restrict access to villages.

The beaches that will be temporarily closed are:

– Puerto Piedra

– Main bay of Puerto Escondido

– Zicatela

– El Puertecito

– Punta Zicatela

– Sailor

– Colotepec Bar

– Christmas Bar

Puerto Escondido is one of the most attractive beaches in the Mexican Pacific, in Oaxaca. (Photo: File)

With these measures the authorities seek reduce 40% of restaurant occupancy and 20% of hotel occupancy, while the opening of bars and the installation of commercial stalls is temporarily suspended.

It is also has applied the Prohibition Law (prohibition of sale of alcoholic beverages) and have deployed patrols in the area to restrict celebrations, meetings or parties.

Another measure that must be followed is the prohibition of access and transit of transport federal public, free or foreign taxis that are not from the corresponding municipalities, in addition, inter-municipal public transport, buses and free taxis with a maximum of three passengers per vehicle will be reduced.

However, in these areas, Although there will be no recreational practices, essential activities such as fishing work will remain.

The operational manager of the Clean Beaches Committee of Colotepec, pointed out that historically the city of Puerto Escondido encompasses two municipal territories of these communities in the Costa region. While Colotepec is governed by Uses and Customs, in San Pedro Mixtepec the political parties govern and in the latter the beaches will be open.

Although there will be no recreational practices, essential activities such as fishing work will continue to take place (Photo: Civil Protection)

In accordance with The universal, Freddy Pineda Gopar, mayor of Mixtepec met with Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos, State Secretary of Tourism, to reach an agreement on economic reactivation in that place.

Pineda Gopar pointed out that in said municipality the following beaches will operate at 40% of their capacity:

– Carrizalillo

– Puerto Angelito

– Manzanillo

– Bacocho

Due to the increase in coronavirus cases, the mandatory use of mask for 30 days, beginning on October 16, as a reinforcement to the contagion mitigation without affecting human rights.

Some Mixtepec beaches will remain open at 40% (Photo by Guillermo Arias / AFP)

For her part, the head of the Department of Epidemiological Emergencies and Disasters of the Health Services of Oaxaca (SSO), Algeria Julián Aquino, reported that The COVID-19 pandemic is still active and there are 157 new cases in the entity that add up to a total of 19,088 accumulated cases.

He explained that the Sanitary Jurisdiction number one Valles Centrales counts 12,703 confirmed cases and 753 deaths, Isthmus 1,841 and 285 deaths, Tuxtepec 1,806 and 245 deaths, Mixteca 1,331 and 118 deaths, Costa 932 and 81 deaths, Sierra 475 and 48 deaths.

There are also 786 active cases, the Sanitary Jurisdiction number one Valles Centrales registers 568, Mixteca 64, Costa 51, Istmo 41, Sierra 38 and Tuxtepec 24.

It should be remembered that In the last update of the epidemic traffic light, Oaxaca returned from yellow to orange, that is, the level of risk from the virus increased.


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