These are the biggest summer hits of the Germans


According to GfK, the song “Bella Ciao” this year has the best chance to become the ultimate summer hit. The piece was created 100 years ago, but is currently covered and remixed, which holds the stuff. As the Graphic by Statista shows is the favorite summer hit of the past nearly 30 years but another. For 17 weeks, “Despacito” secured first place in the German charts in 2017. “Dragostea din tei” from 2004 follows in second place with 14 weeks, “Mambo No. 5” from 1999 is in eleven weeks in third place.

According to GfK, the typical summer hit has to fulfill a few criteria in order to become one: Besides a catchy melody, a simple text and a well danceable rhythm, there is a high chart position. In addition, the song is usually brought from a typical holiday region, often comes from previously unknown artists and was not used for a major event, such as a football World Cup


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