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Berlin Up until the late 19th century, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s were family matters, people went to church and thought about the past year. But as mankind approached the golden age, the “roaring twenties”, parties with music, fireworks and sparklers replaced old habits.

The success of New Year’s Eve is essentially due to three factors: clocks, electricity and the beginning of the metropolises. Because more and more people moved to the big citiesdte, as a result, more social events took place with great attention.

The celebration of New Year’s Eve in 1916 is documented for the first time. In an article in the Washington Post On January 1, the newspaper reported: “The New Yorkers indulged in celebrations and romps. The fröbrightest New Year’s Eve in a long time ”. Because the residents of New York celebrated on the streets, the church bells rang at midnight and Broadway was brightly lit.

According to Alexis McCrossen, history professor at Southern Methodist University and author of the book “Time’s Touchstone”, the upswing on New Year’s Eve is thanks to this street lighting. “When the cities became electrified, nightlife only became possible. With extensive street lighting, the lighting of clubs or restaurants and electric trams and subways that make it difficult for peopleömust be effective in the cities. ”

It also became more and more common in these years that more and more people could afford their own watches. This allowed the countdown and counting down to midnight in households. “As New Year’s Eve became more and more a spectacle, the women and men carefully selected their outfits to draw attention to themselves,” explainsMcCrossen in her book.

And before jumping into a new decade in a few days, it is worth taking a look at this fashionable past of New Year’s Eve. From costume parties with Frank Sinatra to Andy Warhol in a tuxedo in Studio 54 – here are the most legendary outfit inspirations for New Year’s Eve.

“Black Tie” in Studio 54: Andy Warhol and Jack Hailey (1987)

Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra

In 1966 at the Truman Capote Silverstparty, the couple wore white and black masks.

(Photo: Bettmann / Getty Images)

How could you talk about New Year’s Eve parties without mentioning Studio 54 nights? “The key to Studio 54’s success is that it’s a dictatorship on the door and democracy on the dance floor,” artist Andy Warhol once said of the New York club.

As crazy as the parties and outfits could be – just remember Bianca Jagger’s legendary ride on the white horse – so dignified and timeless, at least fashionably, the essentials were taken into consideration. The women in glittering cocktail dresses, the men in tuxedo. “Black Tie” is still the dress code on many New Year’s invitations if you want to start the new year in a classic and traditional way.

Costume party: Frank Sinatra (1947 and 1966)

Jack Hailey and Andy Warhol

The artists at a New Year’s Eve party in the legendary New York Club Studio 54.

(Photo: The LIFE Images Collection / Getty Images)

Frank Sinatra has always stuck to “Black Tie” for New Year, but still found his own fashionable twist. “Let’s start the new year right” is not only one of Sinatra’s best-known New Year’s songs, but also a credo that the singer took to heart every year.

In 1947, at the American comedian Phil Silvers’ costume party, he wears a turban and velvet coat over his tuxedo, and when he and his wife Mia Farrow attended the Truman Capote Silverst Party in 1966, they wore black and white masks. An accessory that can be copied easily and inexpensively on New Year’s Eve.

Hat, jeans and jacket: Woody Harrelson (1986)

Phil Silvers and Frank Sinatra

In 1947 at the American comedian’s costume party, Silvers (left) and Sinatra wore a turban and velvet coat over a tuxedo,

(Photo: Archive Photos / Getty Images)

Today, actor Woody Harrelson makes more headlines by fighting climate change than getting praised for his roles or style. In 1986 it was different. At that time he had just started his film career, Harrelson played in his first Hollywood supporting role in “Wildcats”. It would take a few years before he got his legendary appearance in “Natural Born Killers”, but his style was already that of a professional.

If you are looking for a silk jacket of this type today that you can easily combine with jeans on New Year’s Eve, you will find at Ralph Lauren or find Versace.

Glitter jacket: Elton John (2016)

Woody Harrelson and Carol Kane

The actor easily combines a silk jacket with jeans.

(Photo: Ron Galella Collection / Getty Images)

Whether Gucci, Yohji Yamamoto or Bob Mackie: When it comes to the designers and looks of Elton John’s stage outfits, it could be New Year’s Eve every day. To this day, however, the British singer prefers his Numberies from designer Richard James, which he also wore during his “Million Dollar Piano” New Year’s show in Las Vegas.

The designer says that his team worked on the costumes for thousands of hours. “The scale of the show was amazing – we made 30 bespoke suits, and each one took 90 hours to makeöUntitled. “As a private person, you don’t have to spend that much effort on your glitter jacket. Pre-made jackets are available from Dsquared2 and Hugo Boss,

Minimalist in black: John Legend (2013)

Elton John

The British singer also wore designer Richard James’ suit during his “Million Dollar Piano” New Year’s show in Las Vegas.

(Photo: WireImage / Getty Images)

Singer John Legend has already won several awards. Emmy, Grammy and Tony – and in 2019 he was also voted the “Sexiest Man Alive”. Here he can be seen with his wife Chrissy Teigen: Legend usually celebrates New Year’s Eve with a reduced look. In a suit, all in black. Legend usually chooses Balmain or Gucci for his suits, his shoes are often black patent leather shoes, even if he is not wearing a tuxedo. Like a modern version of the classic “Black Tie”.

And since the black shirt – unlike a white one – makes the whole outfit look more subtle, you won’t feel overdressed at any party. In short: The number-sure look if the dress code on the invitation cannot be clearly interpreted.

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