These are the most reliable cars in 2021. SUV models are a large representation

How the reliability of the car you own will always be a big question. It depends on countless factors that can significantly affect the condition and service life of the vehicle.

Of course, the basis should be exemplary care, adherence to all service intervals and, in the event of a problem, pay attention to it from the very beginning, before it causes more worries and extends to other parts of the car.

That is why we should not underestimate service visits and not just rely on our own judgment. It is during regular inspections that the experts know how to detect the fault in advance and you will thus successfully avoid dealing with a stationary or damaged car at the most inopportune moment.

To some extent, however, an annual survey by American consumer magazine suggests the reliability of cars Consumer Reports, which honestly collects data from the owners themselves and compiles a ranking of the top vehicles with which you are perhaps the least at risk in the long run. In total, approximately 320,000 different cars were involved in the study, which was evaluated based on 17 problem categories.

Thus, in addition to the inconveniences such as brake squeaks and broken interior trim, the focus was on major problems, such as out-of-warranty repairs to transmissions or problems with all-wheel drive systems. The severity of each type of problem is considered in order to generate a predicted reliability score for each vehicle, scoring from 1 to 100.

This score will also be combined with track test data, as well as owner satisfaction survey results and safety data, to calculate the overall score of each test vehicle. The higher the rating the model receives, the better it is with reliability and represents a better choice than competitors.

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The average score in the 2021 survey ranged from 41 to 60 points. The organization preparing the report is known for its precision and in-depth analysis of the data collected. Thanks to this, the results are presented as a reliable and trustworthy source of knowledge about individual cars, as well as the entire automotive market.

Traditionally, Japanese brands have taken the top positions in the ranking of the most reliable models. Cars from Europe followed, and on average, American cars were the worst. However, as we can read in the report, some models from the USA also had a high score and do not need to be depreciated immediately.


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