These are the new simplified language notices from the Treasury: "This document is a requirement of…"

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The Tax Agency has simplified the language of the documents and requirements that it sends to taxpayers. The Treasury notices already generate a certain distrust or even fear among citizens. The letterhead simply puts the recipient on guard. But in addition, the terminology used only increases confusion, and this last point is what the agency is already working on “to improve communication with the taxpayer.”

«The Tax Agency has implemented the commitment established in the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan to advance in the simplification of the language used in its relationship with taxpayers to eliminate barriers of understanding and thereby minimize the indirect administrative burdens of citizens, thus facilitating voluntary compliance,” explains the Ministry that, yesterday, through the Secretary of State for Finance, Jesús Gascón, reported of this new step.

«At a glance and in a one-minute read“The taxpayer understands perfectly what we need from him,” Gascón continued during an information day organized by the Association of Economic Information Journalists (APIE). And to do this, these new documents, to which this newspaper has had access, include an informative summary that first of all explains what the notice that the taxpayer has received is.

«This document is a documentation requirement, in which the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) asks you to provide documentation related to your Personal Income Tax declaration for the year…” indicates, for example, the new notice related to Personal Income Tax. It also explains the reason for the shipment and what the taxpayer who receives it should do. “You must provide the required documentation, as well as any other documentation you deem appropriate, within 10 business days, counting from the day following receipt of this notification,” it is explained in the specific case of income tax. And finally, it is indicated by what means any additional doubts you may have can be resolved.

Subsequently, there is an intentionally blank page, and then, yes, a classic writing is presented again with the usual fiscal and tax language. «The modifications affect documentation requirements and personal income tax settlements, seizure procedures and Customs declarations for small online purchases that, together, represent more than 3.7 million documents per year», explains the Ministry of Finance.

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