These are the players that no one remembers when visiting Chivas

Chivas de Guadalajara It is one of the clubs that was best reinforced in the Closing Tournament 2020, but also players who failed to leave their name in the history of the red and white institution passed by.

It is a product of this, that we will remind you of some footballers who passed through the Sacred Flock and who, practically, are not well remembered by the fans.



Very few know that the famous ‘Bear’ was formed in Chivas and went through all the lower categories of the Herd until it debuted in the First Division with the chiverío. It was in Necaxa where he began to stand out and caught the attention of America, but Rubén is a rojiblanco youth squad.



This forward has worn so many jerseys that it is difficult to remember that he ever played in Chivas and, above all, that his official debut was as a rojiblanco in 2003. There were two stages in Verde Valle, but he never lived up to the demands.



Everyone related to La ‘Mona’ as a Santos Laguna player, but he had a brief step in the Herd. The sales of Oswaldo Sánchez and Juan Pablo Rodríguez to Santos Laguna took him a year on loan to Guadalajara, where he played just over 20 games.



They all remember them playing in Querétaro, where they showed their best level and had more regularity; however, Dionicio spent a year in Chivas, although not much happened with him, although it served to make the jump to Gallos Blancos.



Monarcas, Cruz Azul and Veracruz were the teams that gave him the most opportunities, but Chivas also trusted him for a year and a half. He did not have bad numbers, registering almost 20 goals, but over time they have forgotten about him.



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