These are the reasons why children under 6 months should not drink water

According to the World Health Organization, exclusive breastfeeding is essential in the first months of life of the child, since in addition to providing all the necessary nutrients for their development, it protects them from disease.

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There is a dilemma in terms of giving other foods to children under 6 months, especially water because even though some pediatricians are more flexible and recommend, the WHO warns about the risks that they can represent for the health of the child.

The main reason to avoid this practice is that the water may not be completely reliable as it could be contaminated and cause an infection in the baby.

Moreover, since the stomach of children is so small, the water can be satisfied and consume less quantity of breast milk, generating malnutrition.

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When babies start to consume other foods, they gradually stop drinking mother's milk, the same happens with water, and therefore the production of breast milk can decrease or end completely.

Breast milk is made up of 80% of water, in particular from what the baby consumes at the beginning of each feeding, for this reason mothers are advised that if their baby is thirsty they should stick it to their chest. .

The WHO underlines that under no circumstances is it necessary to give water to a child with exclusive breastfeeding, even in places with extreme heat. It is believed that the only thing that a child under 6 months can ingest, in addition to breast milk, is the oral rehydration solution, drops, syrups and other drugs, only if necessary and under medical supervision.


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