News These are the victims of the drama of Scheveningen,...

These are the victims of the drama of Scheveningen, five men who loved the sea in this way

The black sign with the five white fish, which symbolize the killed surfers, contrasts considerably with the sea of ​​flowers that has been displayed before. Many people have a link with the killed boys. Is it not personal, or because they also surf or know each other by sight.

The dismay is great with family, friends and acquaintances. “In principle, this tragic accident could happen to the best and it would happen to the best now,” said one of them. Who were the men who died this week?

Joost Bakker (30 years old)

Experience shows that the boys knew what they were doing. 30-year-old Joost Bakker from The Hague was a well-known face in the surf community. As a surf coach at, among others, Healthy at Sea, he was busy every day with his greatest passion and he has introduced many people to the world of salt waves. Moreover, as a lifeguard, he knew exactly what dangers the sea can entail. However, things went wrong on May 11.

‘Joost was a bon vivant, super social, cheerful, sporty and loved his freedom. His passion and his work was surfing and unfortunately that also killed him, ‘says the Facebook page Huis aan het Water, a foundation for which Joost organized a sponsorship campaign in 2013 by cycling from the North Cape to Gibraltar.

Sander Dikken (38 years old)

One person with whom Joost worked a lot was the 38-year-old Sander Dikken from The Hague, who also died in the water sports drama in the North Sea. In addition to his work as a business consultant, Sander was also a lifeguard and surf trainer at Healthy by the Sea.

Due to his studies in Kinesiology at the University of Groningen, Sander knew exactly how to stand on his plate and he succeeded very well in bringing others a step further towards the nose of the surfboard. Several people honor Sander and Joost on Facebook and thank them for sharing their passion and knowledge. “So sweet, so wise, so strong … And it still went wrong.”

Pim Wuite (24 years old)

“Pim was a happy, sociable, slightly naughty boy. His loss is very dear to me. ” These are the words of a former school teacher of 24-year-old Pim Wuite from The Hague. ‘We laid a flower with colleagues from the Houtrustschool. Pim went to school there, just like his sisters. ” Sports association HBS Craeyenhout has made an in memoriam online for Pim who played cricket at the club. “You will be missed terribly.”

Just like Joost and Sander, Pim was a trainer at Healthy by the Sea and had a passion for sports, sea and beach. On Facebook someone says: ‘Joost, Pim and Sander are the swimmers. What kind of swimmers. Men with lifeguard skills to save others in trouble. They went back into the water for the first time in all those corona weeks in which they could not train together. A sort of New Year’s dive. “

Max Verheijen (22 years old)

Another victim of the surf drama in Scheveningen is 22-year-old Max Verheijen from Delft. He grew up in Muiderberg (Noord-Holland), where many people knew him. The village mourns. Because of his studies, Max had lived in Delft for a while. Bosom friend Sam van Teunenbroek says to NH Nieuws: ‘We heard early Tuesday morning that Max was missing. Then you immediately realize that it can end very badly. It was true. “

“Max was really a boy with a heart of gold. Full of energy and great humor. I have known him since childhood, we were inseparable. Of course he had been living in rooms in Delft lately, but we always kept in touch and he was here every weekend. Last weekend, we spent the whole weekend together. It is unimaginable that he is no longer there. “

Mathijs van Dulst (23 years old)

Mathijs is still missing. In recent days, searches for his body have been unsuccessful. His cousin can be found on the beach a lot: “I can’t work, I can only be here. I’m just looking in the water, because he’s still here somewhere. “

According to him, Mathijs was a sweet boy from a sporty family. “He comes from a family of four children. One of them is in Barcelona and cannot come back. It is awful. The family lives between hope and fear, “said his cousin earlier this week.

Omroep West also paid tribute to the young men who loved the sea so much:



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