These Chinese Villages Pay Couples to Have Many Children


BEIJING – Government China last month passed the policy of increasing the number limit family permitted by allowing each pair to have three child . This policy was taken because the Bamboo Curtain country is facing a looming demographic crisis.

But with many couples still hesitant to expand their families, several Chinese villages are now offering cash incentives to encourage more births.

Huangzhugen village, in Lianjiang city of southern Guangdong province, will pay residents up to $510 per month for babies born after September 1. This is the report of the government tabloid Global Times in the middle of the week, quoted from CNN, Saturday (25/9/2021).

Families will receive a monthly subsidy until their baby is 2 and a half years old, which can amount to more than $15,000 or Rp213 million per baby.

According to official data, the average annual income in Lianjiang was IDR 46 million per person in 2019.

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The local newspaper Zhanjiang Daily reported that the subsidy, worth several million yuan in total, was donated by a wealthy man in the village.

The three-child policy is the latest step in the Chinese government’s efforts to boost the country’s fertility rate amid a rapidly aging population and shrinking workforce.

The Chinese government announced the policy change just weeks after the 2020 census was published, which showed China’s population was growing at its slowest rate in decades.


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