These corona measures will be relaxed in early March | NOW

More risks must be taken because of the psychological and social consequences of the corona measures, the outgoing cabinet has decided. These measures will be relaxed at the beginning of March.

Secondary schools open

Next Monday, secondary schools and secondary vocational education institutions may partially open their doors again.

Pupils in secondary education are allowed to go to school at least one day a week, but depending on the school this can be more often. MBO students are allowed to go to school one day a week.

Pupils must keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other, with the exception of secondary special education. Pupils must wear masks and there must be fixed walking routes and staggered start and finish times.

As in primary education, an entire class, including the teacher, must be quarantined if a student or teacher tests positive for the coronavirus. After five days, they may end that quarantine if a test is negative. Those who do not want to test have to be quarantined for ten days.

Out-of-school care (out-of-school care) must remain closed, as this leads to contacts between pupils from different schools.

Contact professions are allowed to get started

The contact professions may also reopen their business from 3 March. This means that hairdressers, driving instructors and masseurs, for example, can get back to work.

Customers may only come by appointment and may not have any complaints. Wearing a mouth mask is also mandatory. Sex workers are not yet allowed to start.

Because driving instructors can also start working again from 3 March, driving lessons and practical exams can be given again. It is not yet clear how theory exams can be administered safely.

Shopping possible by appointment

From 3 March, shops may also open their doors a little more. Customers may come by appointment to shop. This requires an appointment four hours in advance.

A maximum of two customers may be in the store at the same time per floor and a visit lasts a maximum of ten minutes. There is also a duty to mask in the shops and the other basic measures such as keeping a distance of 1.5 meters and staying at home in case of complaints.

Young people are allowed to practice team sport again

Young people up to and including 26 years old are allowed to exercise outside again on outdoor sports grounds from 3 March and do not have to observe the 1.5 meters distance during sports.

This is only allowed with team members from their own club and matches against other clubs are not played.

Canteens will remain closed, as will changing rooms and shower rooms.

Curfew extended

The curfew has been extended until at least Monday 15 March. This means that it is forbidden to be on the street between 9:00 PM and 4:30 AM.

People with a statement are allowed to be on the street and will not be fined. Anyone who does not have a good reason to be on the street after 9 p.m. can be fined 95 euros.


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