These devices hardly use electricity, you should never turn them off to save

Devices that never have to be turned off

We can use many tips and tricks to try spend less on your electricity bill. Sometimes small changes can save a few euros each month. But we must also take into account the importance of certain devices being always on and not making mistakes with them.

Security systems

If you have home security systems, those devices should always be on. You should never turn them off for trying to save energy, as that will mean that your home is no longer protected. Without a doubt, it is an important error that you should not have to avoid greater evils than the fact of spending more electricity.

For example we talk about motion detectors, opening doors, surveillance cameras… In many cases they will be connected to electricity, beyond having a battery. If you decide to turn off all the plugs in the house when you leave, these devices will stop working.


You may also have certain sensors in your home that can even help save energy, so having them turned on will be essential. A clear example is the temperature sensors that can activate or deactivate the heating or air conditioning. Perhaps you want the heating to remain at a stable temperature all the time and prevent it from turning off and then turning it on so that consumption is higher.

But in addition, there are other sensors that can be important. For example smoke sensors, flood sensors, etc. Having them always on and fully operational can avoid problems. You can notify us in case you detect a leak or any problem that requires immediate action.


The refrigerator is possibly the appliance that consumes the most electricity in a home. In fact, it can represent over 30% of the total amount we spend during a month. Therefore, turning it off can be tempting to save a few euros on the bill. But of course, this it also has its consequences.

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A clear consequence is that if you turn off the refrigerator everything you have inside is going to spoil. In addition, turning it off means that it will lose temperature and if you are going to turn it on again in a short time it will need resources to return to its previous state and that means that it will consume a lot. Therefore, turn it off only when you are going to be away for several days and it is really empty.


Perhaps this device is the main piece for many others to work. If you have a home that is automated and you like to control your devices remotely, such as turning lights on or off, activating security systems or anything, the router must be turned on for this to be possible.

We can say that it is the key to be able to access other devices and decide when to turn them off or on. Unless you really don’t need it and you’re going to be away from home for a while, the ideal is to always leave it on.

In short, as you see these devices you should keep them on as much as possible. Avoid turning them off in order to save energy, since in many cases it can become a bigger problem.

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