These habits raise the electricity bill, without knowing it, avoiding it

06:11 PM

Wednesday 24 June 2020

I wrote- Amira Helmy:

With the new increase in the electricity bill, the rise in temperatures and the resort to air conditioners and fans, and staying in homes for as long as possible to avoid an outbreak of the Corona virus, and thus running televisions continuously, here are some guidelines that you must follow to avoid the increase in your bill, according to my site: Brightside and Insider, the Electricity Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency

Avoid some habits that raise your bill without knowing, among which are:

– Never shut down the TV from the electrical circuit.

– Put the phone charger in the power switch without using it.

– Leave the router connected to electricity without disconnecting it in the case of non-use.

Leave the multi-wire electrode in the switch.

– Place the microwave wire or electric heater connected to the switch without using it.

– Turning the “timer” on the timer in the cooker, without the need for it.

– Leave the washing machine connected to electrical power without turning it on.

Avoid placing the laptop on the charger when the battery is full.

– Close the light bulbs in places that do not need lighting, and rely on sunlight during the day.

Close ceiling fans in rooms without people.

– Replacing the regular bulbs with “LED” bulbs.

– When using an electric washing machine, it is preferable to reduce the number of washers by using the maximum load per wash, and using cold water instead of hot also reduces electricity consumption.

– Ensure the efficiency of the refrigerator, clean the condenser coil in the back, tighten the door closure, and not open it unless necessary, and close it quickly after opening to ensure that cold air does not leak outside, and arrange the contents inside.

On the contrary, for the freezer it is preferred to be completely full, and when necessary the vacuum can be filled with bags filled with water.

– Switch off the electrical current from the refrigerator if you leave the house for more than a week, clean it and leave the door open.

– cleaning and cleaning air-conditioner filters every four months; To ensure that the conditioner works at full efficiency and produce air without impurities.

– Make sure to cool your house gradually before turning on the air conditioner, by leaving all windows open; To get rid of the heat inside the house, and in this way reduce the work of the conditioner in cooling the place, and at the same time reduce the load on electricity.

– Setting the conditioner to a low temperature immediately after turning on, increases the consumption of electricity. When it is turned on, start at a temperature of 26 degrees and gradually reduce it.

– Fixing doors and windows, so that the air conditioning in the rooms in which they are located is tightly closed, as the air leak causes increased air conditioning consumption; In addition to cleaning the air conditioning vents.

Dr. Muhammad Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, announced the beginning of this month, the new increases in the prices of consumption segments, as follows:

The first tranche from zero to 50 kilowatts will charge 38 piasters per kilowatt, instead of 30 piasters.

The second tranche from 51 to 100 kilowatts will be charged according to the new prices at 48 piasters per kilowatt instead of 40 piasters.

The third tranche and consumes from zero to 200 kilos will be charged at 65 piasters per kilowatt hour instead of 50 piasters.

The fourth tranche from 201 to 350 kilowatts will be charged at 96 instead of at 82 piasters.

The fifth tranche from 351 to 650 kilowatts will be charged at 118 piasters per kilowatt instead of 100 piasters.

The sixth tranche from 651 to less than a thousand kilos, fixing the price of 140 piasters.

The seventh tranche, which is more than 1000 kilowatts on subsidy, and is sold at 145 piasters, has not gone up.


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