These people will not have to pay the RTV 2021 subscription. The list may surprise some! [zasady – 4.03.21]

The RTV subscription is a mandatory fee for every person who has a radio, TV or radio-TV set at home. Each owner of a radio and / or TV set is required to pay a monthly fee – this rule still applies. People who pay the RTV subscription for the whole year by January 25, 2021 can count on a 10% discount. The fee for cable television or digital platform does not exempt from the RTV subscription.

Many groups exempt from this fee do not legally have to pay for the RTV subscription. It is also possible to write off the debt. Persons who find themselves in a difficult situation may request the redemption of the RTV subscription. However, there are many more exemptions – see the list in our gallery.

Poczta Polska reports that from 2021 we will pay for the RTV subscription:

  • for 1 month for a radio receiver – PLN 7.50 (if the subscriber pays the fee each month, then the fee for the period of 12 months will be PLN 90.00).
  • for 1 month for a television or television and radio set – PLN 24.50 (if the subscriber pays the fee each month, the fee for the period of 12 months will be PLN 294.00)

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