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Luka Modrić makes a beautiful Golden Ball and has the honor of being labeled and framed with various clichés. But the Croat Crusade ignores the prepared formulas that would have been drawn if the journalists had changed their vote at the last moment to elect another nominee.

  • Hugo Ll-OR-isThe French guardian, in addition to being close to the anagram of " Gold sphere", Seizes the record of Fabio Cannavaro, the last world champion captain to be distinguished.

  • Isco: the revenge of Spain After a year rotten for the RojaIsco gives her a smile when she does not expect it. Iniesta and Xavi now know how they should be followed. You saidPlay at Real Madrid"?

  • Godín: a warrior trick The disciple Antoine Griezmann can pout as much as he wants. This year, the Golden Ball respects the protocol order by distinguishing his Uruguayan mentor. Waiting for a double next year when he turned Lucas Hernandez into his partner?

  • Mandžukić: Super Mario WorldCosa best of the Croatian point, sacrificing to Juve playing on a wing, symbolizes the dedication to the collective, but also the beauty in failure (remember his masterpiece in the Champions League final 2017). His two goals in the World Cup final, a CSC and the other on a Lloris ball weighed heavily on the balance. A golden anti-Ballon surface, which covers a potential lead balloon.

  • Oblak in the light Only an obstacle to the coronation of Valère Germain, which prevents him from being the hero of Marseille in the Europa League final – who may have become the Blues' striker, you never know . The football is due to the Slovenian goalkeeper of Atlético.

  • Edinson Cavani, the Golden MataThe attacker keeps from Monday the object between his fingers that should definitely break his trio with Mbappé and Neymar at PSG. It remains to know who will leave.

  • Firmino in the firmamentSì, well, ok, we could still have planted it doing the accounts …

  • Benzema, the "chut" for DD When most of the French players did not exchange his World Cup with a gold ball, the Real Madrid striker did not hesitate to use it. The true "silence" to DD.

  • Bale in the middle Welsh was the most obvious consensus not to offend anyone: Real Madrid is awarded and no selection can say that its representatives were better than him at the World Cup, since it was not there.

  • Pogba: comrade dab-oFavori in the category of autobiographical web series, the French midfield returns with the grand jury prize for his Pog series. But no one had anticipated his coronation as best actor in the feature filmBlues 2018: in the heart of the Russian epic.

  • Courtois: the smallest of courtesies On the beautiful game and on the spokesperson of the moral victors, the Belgian goalkeeper slid his trophy between his wings, which his country deserved as compensation. Are we leaving?

  • Luis Suárez crunches in Ballon d'Ormiam.

  • Kanté partiroÉlu Ball of 2018 gold, Chelsea midfielder and Bleus did not accept to receive the trophy, dissatisfied with his last performances.

  • Griezmann of the year After a long campaign to win this Gold Ball, the French striker went directly to Swarovski to carve out a tailor-made miniature to put on the ring finger.

  • United KanedomPassing both goalkeepers and high aristocracy, the Tottenham striker brings back the best footballer trophy on the island of football, seventeen years after Michael Owen. What's more normal for the World Cup top scorer?

  • Kevin De Bruyne, brown sugar Matthias Sammer has finally found his successor.

  • Elusive Lionel Messi The Argentine has made allegations of tax evasion and expectations to see a world champion crowned in a World Cup year to win for the sixth time the Gold Ball. Cristiano Ronaldo is back in the back.

  • Elusivo Cristiano Ronaldo The Portuguese has revealed the accusations of rape and the expectations to see a world champion crowned in a year of the World Cup to win for the sixth time the Golden Ball. Messi is finally in the back.

  • Serial KylianRonaldo and Owen are canceled from the tablets, the French prodigy shatters a new record of precociousness, becoming Ballon d'Or at the age of 19. Forward.

    By Mathieu Rollinger

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