These two banks charge maintenance fees in November

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Several banks plan to charge maintenance fees this month. Up to 20 euros Some customers may end up paying. And what banks are those? Well, according to an analysis by the financial products comparator, two of the best-known in Spain: Banco Santander and ING.

He Santander will charge this month, like it does every other month, a fee of up to 20 euros to Santander Account holders who do not have their income domiciled in the entity and who, in addition, do not use their cards at least six times a quarter or do not pay a minimum of three direct debit bills per quarter. Other options to avoid paying commissions at Santander are to have at least 25,000 euros in funds, pension plans, savings insurance, deposits or in your own account or to be under 29 years old.

This commission Does not apply to Online Account holders, which is always free, regardless of the degree of connection the client has. Of course, it is not an alternative for current Santander customers who are paying commissions, since this account is only for new ones.

ING plans to charge much less. This entity applies a fee of three euros per month to clients who have a Payroll Account and do not have their income direct deposited or do not receive a transfer of at least 700 euros from another bank each month. In this case, it is very easy to stop paying commissions, since you can open a NoCuenta Account at ING, which has no commissions or conditions, and close the Payroll Account. It has fewer advantages, but it is free even if income is not direct debited.

Paying commissions is not unusual. In November there are only two entities that force part of their clients to pass by cashierbut in December it is expected that up to six banks will charge maintenance fees.

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