Thetan Arena 192 – Download for Android APK Free

Can you imagine being able to earn money while playing the games that you like the most? Downloading the APK file of this WolfFun title offers us a fantastic MOBA 4v4 and, at the same time, a system for earn cryptocurrencies that we can exchange for unique NFTs in the game.

NFTs applied to games

Thetan Arena it’s a MOBA with touches of battle royale in 3D that follows the foundations laid by the now classic Brawl Stars. In this sense, it is not exactly original, but it stands out from the rest of the titles of the genre by giving us the opportunity to win real cryptocurrencies to buy NFT objects in the store. The idea is that we can be the owners of unique virtual objects.

The gameplay is designed to combine your personal skills and teamwork.

The control system does not hold too many surprises either. We have a virtual joystick to move around the stage and various action buttons to attack, which vary depending on the character we decide to take to combat.

Another cool detail is that the games with short, dynamic and frenetic and they do not usually exceed five minutes, so we will not have a second to get bored. Of course, all of this is complemented by tons of heroes that must be leveled up, dozens of skills, pets and various game modes that will put our strategy and teamwork to the test.

Overall, this is a fun and highly entertaining game that offers us something different thanks to its NFT system. And the best thing is that we can try all this for free.

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