They are caught red-handed in a warehouse in Guadalajara and detained with an excavator while waiting for the Civil Guard

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Several men were caught in fraganti when they entered with a van allegedly to take material from an industrial warehouse in El Casar, in Guadalajara. When they were discovered by employees, among whom would be the owner of the ship, they were left locked up and overturned with an excavator the van while, both of them, they waited for members of the Civil Guard to arrive.

The events were recorded with a cell phone belonging to one of the alleged criminals who, in his defense, claims to have entered the warehouse with the van to ask questions. The video of the conversation, which increases in tone throughout the six minutes recorded, has become one of the most viral of the moment.

The van was finally overturned with the shovel of the excavator, apparently driven by the owner of the ship, despite the protests of its owners.

This is the video that has gone viral.

The employees ask those caught in fraganti why “the van is inside” the warehouse and they ask that the van be turned around so they can see if material has been loaded or not.

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