they are cheap and are protein”

L’economy in Egypt sinks more and more and the Government’s response to high cost of living and to crisis infuriates the country. Other than leftovers for dogs and cats, in fact. The legs Of hen they are rich in protein and should be eaten by everyone. This is the nutritional advice, but above all “institutional”, which comes from the African country to all those families who are struggling to feed their children.

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The solution

This is the solution conceived by the government of Adbdel Fattah al-Sisi. One way to fight the fame and respond to families who, in the face of a economic crisis growing stronger, they struggle to feed their loved ones. But also a piece of advice that has angered many, unleashing the controversy and increasing the criticisms towards the government.

The situation

What is certain is that, with ainflation at more than 30%, Egypt has seen commodities such asolio from the kitchen and the cheese in luxury goods unsustainable. The price of some products has doubled or tripled in just a few months. Among the causes, also the fact that Egypt imports a lot of food, rather than relying on its agriculture to feed the more than 100 million people who live in the country. Grain to feed the chickens is also imported.

I motives

The Egyptian president Adbdel Fattah al-Sisi often talks about consequences of the revolution against Hosni Mubaral of 2011 and rapid population growth as an ‘justification’ for the current economic problems. Then there was the pandemic and Covid-19 followed by the war in Ukraine. Indeed, Egypt is the world’s second largest importer of wheat and Russia and Ukraine were its main suppliers. The war also dealt a severe blow to Egypt’s tourism sector, as Russians and then Ukrainians visited Egypt en masse. The risk now is that of a new one political instability and of safety. Past economic hardships led to riots and contributed to the downfall of first Mubarak and Mohammed Morsi.

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