"They are holding our Butinu": in the Federation Council, the blackmail has called the US request to free the Ukrainian sailors – Federal News Agency


The US State Department has demanded that Russia immediately release Ukrainian sailors detained near the Kerch Strait, who participated in a provocation in Russian territorial waters. In case of non-compliance with these requirements, Washington has threatened Moscow with "consequences" and "pain".

"We want Russia to take the message they have to release [украинский] the crew, otherwise there will be consequences, and the pain will be strengthened over time, "said the State Department spokesman.

The official reiterated the charges previously rejected by Moscow against Russia in connection with the accident at the Kerch Strait. The United States has defined the actions of the Russian Federation "a form of aggressive behavior", "an act of aggression", as well as "a clear military escalation, violation of international law and freedom of navigation". There were other charges and threats to the Russian Federation.

The transcript of the State Department representative's speech is provided by the department's press service. The name of the speaker is not mentioned in it, but it is assumed that the US Secretary of State has personally threatened Russia Mike Pompeo.

The blackmail of the US State Department, the first vice president of the Federation Council committee for international affairs, considers it outrageous Vladimir Dzhabarov.

"It seems to me that the Americans think they have nothing to do with Russia, a great power, but with a sort of banana republic, from those who feed," said Dzhabarov with indignation in a comment Federal press agency.

– What have the right to interfere in our internal affairs? They hold it for nothing [в тюрьме] our citizen Marina Butina, accusing her, God only knows what, and suddenly they believe they have the right to interfere in history with a clear violation of the Russian state border, which was committed by the Ukrainian sailors ".

According to the Russian senator, this is a purely internal affair of Russia, and will not allow anyone to intervene in the administration of justice in its territory.

"These sailors are under criminal prosecution, now an investigation is under way, and no respectable country in the world will even be able to answer this, I'm sure the Americans know it, and all this is done just to be able to To see Russia as an enemy, nothing more, they understand that all the "demands" put forward by them are only blackmail, to which Russia will never submit, "he concluded. Vladimir Dzhabarov.

Previously, the State Department representative stressed that it should be clear enough for Russia that as long as it keeps Ukrainian sailors detained, the United States will continue the pressure, reports FederalPress.

"They have to free the crews, return the ships, and this is not what we will close an eye", – said in the State Department.

Moreover, according to a representative of the State Department, the accident in the Kerch Strait should force the European Union to abandon the construction of the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline.

"Reedus" recalls that the accident in the Kerch Strait occurred on November 25: for violating the Russian maritime border, FSB border ships arrested three Ukrainian violation ships: Berdyansk, Nikopol and Yany Kapu . The members of the crew were arrested and are now held in Moscow detention facilities. Offenders must face up to six years in prison. Three of them have already admitted that they have consciously participated in the provocation.



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