They are looking for a rare type of blood all over the world to treat this Pakistani girl – El Periódico


The blood bank Florida Oneblood got a "tremendous response" in the global campaign to look for descendants of Pakistani, Iranian or Hindu people without the Indian B antigen in the blood to help Zainab, a South Florida girl suffering from cancer.

According to Oneblood, the blood must be of type "A" or "O" and the donors must be "100%" children of the father and mother of those nationalities, preferably located in the United States and not endowed with the mentioned antigen.

After the distribution of the order in social networks and in the media in Florida, the organization received more than 8,000 emails sent from people inside and outside of the country, Efe Susan Forbes informed , vice president of the organization.

All samples obtained "will be tested for compatibility in the OneBlood reference laboratory", he added.

An antigen is a substance that causes the immune system to produce antibodies to itself.

According to Frieda Bright from OneBlood, the child needs blood donations to survive the treatment of chemotherapy and "be able to kill" neuroblastoma, a tumor that attacks nerve cells.

Indian B

In the blood of Zainab he misses the Indian antigen B and that's why your body will attack the blood of the transfusions that contain it.

"We are looking around the world to look for the blood for this girl," said Bright, the lab manager at OneBlood, in a video of the organization.

The child's father, Raheel Mughal, makes a call from the heart to any blood donors in the same video.

He says that this year his daughter was diagnosed with cancer and that neither her blood nor her mother's blood is compatible.

"If you're one of those people from the Middle East, go out and give my daughter blood, and my daughter's life depends a lot on the blood," she says.

Bright noted that there is "less than 4% chance of finding compatible blood" in any other ethnic group than those mentioned.



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