They are looking for the man who tried to burn down an apartment with his ex-partner and seven children inside in Lorca

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The National Police has opened an investigation to try to apprehend the suspected perpetrator of a fire committed this morning in a flat in the Los Ángeles neighborhood of Lorca (Murcia), in which inside there was a woman and seven children that they have been unharmed, a spokesman for this body informed EFE.

The event occurred in a third floor of number 3 Paseo de Los Ángeles de Lorca and the woman has told the police that she has seen his ex-partner setting fire to the house. The woman has also confirmed that the man had in force a restraining order.

According to the police, there were 7 minors inside the house at the time of the event, three of them the woman’s children and no information has been provided about the others.

Firefighters, Lorca Local Police officers and an ambulance from 061 have come to the scene of the fire, although their intervention has not been necessary.

The woman has been transferred to police stations in order for her to make a statement that allows a search and capture order to be issued against her ex-partner, who would be wanted as alleged perpetrator of an arson crime as for ignoring the restraining order in force.

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