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“They are not together”: Enrique Peña Nieto and Tania Ruiz could have ended their relationship


Tania Ruiz shared on Thursday the emotion of appearing on the cover of the famous magazine Hi there!, in its Mexican edition in April. In the article titled “Tania sends a message of hope”And that highlights the family union in this period of health contingency, the Mexican model appears with her daughter, the youngest Carlotta, but what caught the attention of own and strangers is that The image does not show the former PRI presidentReason enough for many to start speculating if the relationship that began to be forged in January 2018 is still going strong.

And if that was not enough, the sentimental message that the blonde from San Luis Potosí placed on his personal profile also gave reason to suspect. In the text to promote the magazine at no time does it allude to who has shared his life with her for the past two years.

“Starting my day by thanking you, God! I am blessed to be able to say that beautiful people have come into my life thanks to you who have supported me, who have trusted me, who have seen the best of me and I thank their heart for their affection. I think there are things in life that make a difference and that they would not be done without God guiding my steps ”, is part of the long message of thanks in which he mentions the importance of love and family and where never mentions the former Mexican president and does not even allude to him.

In another recent post, the 32-year-old model wrote as part of a message on her profile. Instagram: “The essence of love is understanding. No one gives a second chance more than the one you give yourself“Words that were also taken as a wink at the end of the romance with the born in Atlacomulco, in the State of Mexico, 53 years ago.

Peña Nieto with unknown whereabouts

This is not all, because the one who ended up stoking the wick of suspicion, was Tania’s brother, Gerardo Ruíz, who declared to the program “Tell me what you know” of the chain Telemundo in a video call that, “They are not together”.

Gerardo revealed that in this quarantine, the probable ex-partner is not spending it in Mexico City, and mentioned that Tania remained in confinement with her daughter, while ignoring the whereabouts of Enrique Peña Nieto., since it has not had contact with him.

The model’s brother also shared that the young woman is taking advantage of her time at home to write, since enjoys capturing her emotions and reflections in a text, in addition to declaring that he preferred to return to San Luis Potosí to spend this period with his parents, since the environment is better than that of Mexico City.

Further, Gerardo was somewhat indifferent to the future of Tania and EPN’s relationship, because his comment on the matter was not entirely warm: Life put us together and their theme and if they are for each other, well be happy, “he concluded.


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