They are ordering the arrest of the new CEO of Avianca, Renato Covelo


A court found that the company failed to comply with the guardianship sentence to guarantee the rights of a member of the union who was fired in 2017

Renato Covelo, the new CEO of Avianca Airlines after the resignation of Hernán Rincón, has not had a good time after last Friday the criminal court of the Bogotà circuit decided to order his arrest for five days.

It is due, according to El Tiempo, to an incident of contempt promoted by the pilot Julián Gustavo Pinzón Saavedra against Avianca, for violating a protection in August 2018.

The court found that the company did not fully comply with a protection decision to secure Pinzón's rights, fired after the 2017 pilot strike.

That's why he ordered the five-day arrest of Renato Covelo Frutos, Legal vice president of Avianca since 2016, who served as president of the airline until this Friday, appointed CEO, while choosing to replace Hernán Rincón, who left that position last April, recalling Reportur.

Avianca has informed that this judicial decision is not yet firm, which must be examined in consultation by the Superior Court of Bogotá and will be the authority that confirms or revokes the sanction.

"In accordance with the order of the guardianship judge, the company reinstated Mr. Pinzón when repeating the disciplinary process which culminated in his dismissal for just cause, thus guaranteeing the due process in all phases of the same" , the airline replied on the subject of protection.

The judge assured that he was not considered to have been the director of security and technical matters of the board of the ACDAC union, that is, he was a member of the union, which meant that his participation in the strike was important . For this, the judge ordered the arrest for five days against Renato Covelo Frutos, who was the legal representative of Avianca at the time the events occurred.

The pilot and lawyer, Eduardo Mendoza, former vice president for security, ethics and compliance of Avianca – and who had already faced a trial due to the escape of the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar -, leads the list of the executives of the airline company cited by the Prosecutor's Office within the investigation for the illegal interception of the heads of one of their unions.

Together with Renato Covelo (in the photo), the new strong man is Roberto Kriete, of Salvadoran origin and president of Kingsland, owner of 22% of Avianca Holdings. It was chosen following the violation of the financial conditions of a loan granted by United to Synergy Group, by Germán Efromovich, through its company BRW Aviation, majority shareholder of Avianca Holdings, with 78%.

Kriete, of American origin and one of the richest men in his country and Central America, is part of the Salvadoran family that owns the air transport of Central America (TACA), whose merger with Avianca was confirmed in 2009. It was the agreement with United that caused a discrepancy in 2017. At that time Kingsland had sued Avianca before the Supreme Court of New York on the basis that a loan and a strategic partnership with the state had been negotiated secretly. The request also claimed that the loan was supported by Avianca shares.

At the time, Avianca Holdings sued Kingsland for considering that those actions were hindering the company's progress. In the same year it was learned that Kriete's company withdrew the lawsuit having reached an agreement with Avianca, of which no further details were known, while continuing negotiations with United.

Now, with the change of roles, according to United, the goal is to continue working to get a corporate governance in Avianca Holdings that guarantees the stability and financial sustainability of the company in the long term, revealed Americaeconomia.

Kriete, meanwhile, said this Friday: "Avianca has been characterized by excellent service, quality and track record in Colombia and the region. From Kingsland we will continue to work to support what has been built. Our experience of over 40 years in aviation it will serve to strengthen the company under good, transparent corporate governance, which guarantees Avianca's long-term stability and financial sustainability for the benefit of employees, passengers and other interested parties and to generate an environment of work focused on people. "

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