"They are putting more stress on one another": Steven Gerrard angry at the lack of discipline of the part

Last night Steven Gerrard blew his Rangers players for not paying attention to his warnings to cut the red cards.

The English legend held a team summit this week to order its players to solve their poor discipline.

But Alfredo Morelos became the eighth star Ibrox to be expelled during the 1-0 defeat against Aberdeen who delivered Gerrard to his first coaching home defeat.

Steven Gerrard has criticized his team for the continued lack of discipline after an eighth red card

Admitting his team could be finished with nine men after substitute Kyle Lafferty dodged a second yellow for a clash with Dons Scott McKenna's winner, Gerrard said his players are not doing anything to help themselves.

And he was dismayed by the way they played against a Dons team already weakened by a 34th minute red card for Sam Cosgrove.

"I'm worried," said the Rangers boss, who was already losing Morelos on Sunday's trip to Dens Park in a previous suspension. "There's only so much I can do. I made it clear that they are not helping themselves.

"They're doing their job a lot harder, they're putting more stress on each other on their bodies, we lack key players for big games.

"When I got here, the club was third in the championship so there's work and the task: it's huge, it's difficult with 11 men, so they're not helping themselves at the moment.

"It is very difficult for me to support and protect them because, 24 hours after a group meeting on discipline control, it is very difficult for me to speak at this time".

Despite Gerrard's preliminary warnings, Alfredo Morelos was shown a second yellow card

Booked for a clash with Graeme Shinnie, another foul on captain Dons saw the Colombian received a second yellow in the 64th while his team chased a draw.

"The first yellow for me is a bit soft, but it was probably a foul," said Gerrard. "The second that deserves.

"But it's not important – we have another red card that is extremely frustrating.

"We could have had another one, Lafferty is on a yellow card, but he's kicking and giving another – you're letting the referee give you the chance to make it nine.

"I never felt good about anything we did, individually or collectively. I've never felt well.

"I give players so much to the praise and they did very well before this game, we were in a really good place.

"But today is certainly a blow and frustrating."

Aberdeen was also reduced to 10 men when Sam Cosgrove was expelled from the referee

Before the Premiership after Sunday's victory over Hearts, the Rangers stay at the summit turned out to be short-lived as McKenna's seventh-minute goal showed the difference.

"I am very disappointed with our performance," added Gerrard. "Very frustrated in the performance.

"This evening was really a good opportunity and a difficult test for us, but one that I had the certainty of being able to pass.

"The performance as a group was not good enough to beat Aberdeen, even at 11 against ten the performance was not good enough.

"Individually, we did not have many and we never played with control, which I asked the whole team to do yesterday at a meeting.

"I keep telling myself before and after every single game about the importance of playing with control and discipline.

"We've messed up most things tonight across the field."

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