They arrest the security adviser to the Government of El Salvador accused of being a ‘double agent’

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The Police detained this Wednesday the security adviser of the Government of The Savior, Alexander Muyshondtaccused by the president himself, Nayib Bukele, of acting as a “double agent since 2019” for working for former president Mauricio Funes (2009-2014), whom “he would have helped to evade Justice and not be captured ” , after it was investigated by illicit enrichment and will flee to Nicaragua, where he has been since September 2016 after receiving asylum from the Daniel Ortega regime.

Specifically, the El Salvador Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant against the security adviser for the crimes of disclosure of secret facts, actions or documents by an official employee and favoring the evasionfor the benefit of Funes (Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front), for which it will be presented to the courts.

In his account of the social network X (formerly called Twitter), Bukele explained that the investigations of the State Intelligence Agency discovered that both Muyshondt and Funes leaked classified documents and “in several cases modified” to three journalists about the operations that were carried out. have been carried out in El Salvador since June 1 in the framework of the war against corruption that began that day and whose first action was the seizure of all the assets of the former president Alfredo Cristiani (1989-1994).

Thus, he indicated that Muyshondt’s office, being from the security branch, was one of those that had access to a “small part” of the evidence that could prove the commission of crimes related to corruption. In addition to revealing the information to journalists, according to Bukele, the adviser also leaked it to “a foreign government and several citizens of other countries, as a means of safe should they be discovered.”

The Salvadoran president stressed that there is “direct evidence” indicating that a person from the State Intelligence Agency, an informant of former President Funes, “would have notified Muyshondt of the investigation,” for which the latter decided to leak evidence accusing the deputy Eric Garcia, from Nuevas Ideas, Bukele’s party. The president acknowledges that some of these tests are “conclusive” and others “required further investigation, such as the possible use of drugs acquired from a drug dealer known as Anubis“.

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