They arrested two alleged underliners of Daniel Muñoz in Mexico and the United States


In the last hours he was captured in Mexico Pearl Aydeé Puente Resendez, who was fugitive. Argentine justice indicates it as a alleged front man of the late former secretary of Néstor Kirchner, Héctor Daniel Muñoz, and his wife Carolina Pochetti.

The Mexican newspaper mercury He indicated it Resendez was arrested in Tamaulipas and his extradition has already begun. The media of that country added during the early morning in Argentina that the accused had tried to cross the United States to prolong his escape from justice, but was finally discovered by the criminal investigation agency in Tamaulipas, where he was hiding.

Meanwhile, her husband, Carlos Adolfo Gellert, was discovered by the immigration authorities in the United States and will be deported to Argentina. Gellert was also on the runaway list, accused of participating in the chain of companies that had worked to recycle money.

What was the role of Resendez in the chain of nominees

Sergio Todisco – alleged front man of Daniel Muñoz and Elizabeth Ortiz Municoy – owner of the property Ortiz LizMar – would have created at least 14 companies in Miami and in the state of Delaware, between May 2010 and July 2015, which were the channel for the acquisition of 16 properties – Luxury apartments, commercial walks and a mini-mall. They also have or have had several bank accounts in the United States in their name. Through the diplomatic channels it was noted that they were listed as holders of companies established in that country, then transferred to Perla Puente Resendez.

Todisco separated from the directories in which he appeared and was replaced by Perla Aydeé Puente Reséndez in eight of the fourteen companies created in Miami and suspected in the Panama Papers case.

Prosecutor Carlos Stornelli believes that all this has been done to hide the true offshore owners: Daniel Muñoz and his wife Carolina Pochetti. And the money that they transferred, about 70 million dollars, came out of the money raised by the illicit association that Oscar Centeno, the driver, has portrayed in his notebooks.


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