Health They ask for greater prevention in patients with hypertension...

They ask for greater prevention in patients with hypertension against covid-19

The Venezuelan specialist asks that the treatment be complied with.

Extreme prevention measures in people suffering from high blood pressure is important against covid-19.

This was announced by Igor Morr, a cardiologist and former president of the Venezuelan Society of Arterial Hypertension, about this pandemic that still continues to affect much of the world.

“The coronavirus disease (SARS-CoV-2) is a novel fact of the 21st century, everything that is known about it is in full swing, it is being learned on the fly using clinical and epidemiological resources”, highlights the specialist.

People with pre-existing conditions such as uncontrolled blood pressure or high blood sugar levels are relatively more exposed to complications from the virus.

Morr indicates that in Venezuela only three million know about their blood pressure problem and among them half do not take any type of treatment, or take it irregularly.

The specialist calls for patients treated for these conditions to adequately comply with their treatment and even more so in these times of global health crisis.

Indicates that well-controlled high blood pressure does not pose any additional risk.

Igor Morr concludes with that “we have to take into account that we are living a new social and global experience. I am sure that we will soon get out of this situation because it also depends on ourselves ”.

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