They ask mayors “more pressure” for Jarrio to get doctors

The platform “Jarrio, Let’s save our hospital”, linked to the PP, asks the mayors of the Northwest for more reflection on the “precarious” situation of the reference health center in the region. In a letter sent to each of the councilors, the platform’s spokesperson, Carlos López, details the current shortcomings and asks for the commitment of local governments to the hospital.

The group believes it is appropriate to “pressure” the Health Service of the Principality of Asturias to offer “a solution to the extremely serious situation we are going through at this time.” In his letter, he offers data. It details that in Cardiology the two places are unfilled; in Ophthalmology, of the five assigned to the hospital there are 3.5 uncovered; In Geriatrics there are no doctors, leaving the service (two professionals) “deserted”; In Nephrology there is no own staff and it depends on professionals from the Avilés hospital; In Internal Medicine, the service works with less than half of the professionals; There is a vacancy in Urology and the professional who cares for patients in this specialty retires in May; and in Otolaryngology the entire service is covered, but the two doctors now active retire in the summer.

With these notes, the platform wants mayors to “react”. “Let’s save our hospital” ensures that the lack of professionals “translates into the well-known and unbearable real waiting lists that especially affect a very vulnerable population, mainly residents of an already punished rural environment.”

The group recalls that for more than a year the breast cancer screening program was stopped and now, the service has resumed, “the patients are not receiving the appropriate reports after more than a month and a half of waiting in most cases” . He also explains that some specialties have been lacking for decades. The Principality, for its part, warns that “professionals are moving from other areas” and points out that the Coañés hospital does not receive covid patients in the middle of the pandemic, in a clear attempt to relieve professionals.


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