They ask to reopen the case of Helena Jubany, the young woman who died in Sabadell 19 years ago

The close environment of Helena Jubany, the young 27 years old that in 2001 showed up dead at courtyard of a block of flats in the Eixample of Sabadell, has launched a Bell for that the case be reopened and clarify the facts. The promoters of the initiative have published a manifesto in which they point out that “there are sufficient indications” to think that this death “was a murder with macho overtones.” In this sense, they indicate that the fact that the victim was not originally from Sabadell “determined the course of the investigation and its dire consequences.” The last time she was seen alive was at noon on November 30. Two days later a neighbor located the body lifeless of the young woman, naked and with several Burns.

Helena Jubany’s family and friends have created a website with a text entitled Sabadellenc Manifesto demanding the opening of the case. “Before I finally prescribe”. In this sense, it asks citizens to join the petition by providing their signatures.

Helena Jubany case

“There are sufficient indications to think that the alleged perpetrators were people from Sabadell”

“There are sufficient indications to think that the alleged perpetrators were people from Sabadell,” explains the text, which remarks that “despite the passage of time, it is essential to know the truth, comfort family and friends, and that justice be done.”

The manifesto recalls that the victim appeared dead in the inner courtyard of a block of flats on Calle Calvet de Estrella in the Vallesan capital and remarks that two members of the Nature Section of the Hiker Union of the city, of which Jubany was part. One of these people was Montserrat Careta, which was preventively imprisoned in 2002 and committed suicide in prison, and the other, his partner, Santiago Laiglesia, who was charged but was not jailed or detained. “The case did not go to trial and it was dismissed in 2005 ”, regret family and friends.

“The whole of Sabadell civil society must make public their support for the affected families, and bring to justice all the data and information that can help clarify the facts,” the text states.

Unsolved case

The accused’s sister also claimed to reopen it.

Since she was arrested and imprisoned, Montse Careta always defended her innocence through the letters she sent to her family and friends. While Careta was in jail, the judge charged two more people, his sentimental partner and a friend of both. However, the investigation did not find sufficient evidence against them and ended up filing the case.

Careta’s family also claimed a couple of years ago that the case be reopened before its prescription. The older sister of the accused, Imma Careta, denounced that the investigation “was not done correctly” at the police and judicial levels and that there were “many inconsistencies” throughout the process.

Montse Carera’s older sister, Imma Careta, in the center of the image accompanied by two friends of Montse, who was accused of the crime and committed suicide in prison.
(ACN / File)

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