They asked Kinda Alloush: (What is forbidden in the sleeping room)?.. She replied without an ounce of shame and with all boldness… You won’t believe what she said.! !

An embarrassing question was asked by the famous doll, Abla Fahita, to the Syrian star Kinda Alloush, while she was a guest on the Duplex Live program earlier.

In response to the question of what is forbidden in the bedroom, Kinda Alloush said that her husband prevented her from speaking, especially in the bedroom, and said that he did not like to speak in the bedroom, so that her famously bold woman would respond to her.

Your husband doesn’t like to talk in the bedroom, you’re going to force me to talk about things I don’t want to go to so that Alloush explodes with laughter.

She added that she wears her husband Amr Youssef’s clothes and uses his private and personal belongings because he loves her very much and does not see anything else in this world, as she said, except that she mentioned that she was telling her brother that he was a foundling and not from the family, but rather they found him at the door of a mosque.

Kinda Alloush confirmed that her husband Amr Youssef loves her very much and cannot see anyone else and treats her with tenderness and tenderness, and when Abla Fahita contradicted Amr Youssef in front of Kinda Alloush. Kinda Alloush made the “Five and Khamisa” movement for her fear of envy.

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