They assure gold bullion of 1.5 million dollars in Juárez airport

Juarez City.– Due to inconsistencies in the documentation, the National Guard secured at the Ciudad Juárez International Airport a 30-and-a-half kilogram gold bar valued at more than 1.5 million dollars.

The agency reported that it was in the platform area of ​​the air terminal, where the national guards had contact with the driver of an armored vehicle for the transfer of securities that intended to collect the gold bullion, however the bill of lading and the invoice presented to prove the legal acquisition and transfer had inconsistencies.

He added that elements of the National Guard intercepted a gold bar weighing approximately 30 kilos 576 grams, with a market price of around one million 591 thousand dollars.

“To continue with the investigations, the person in charge of the transfer, together with the insured, was at the disposal of the Agent of the Federal Public Ministry,” the federal agency said.


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