“They beat me and kicked me until they got tired”, an attacked nurse from the IMSS

CDMX.- On April 17, a couple brutally attacked Francia López, a nurse from the IMSS Gyneco-Pediatric Unit, in the Lindavista neighborhood of the Gustavo a Madero mayor’s office in Mexico City.

The events were captured by a security camera, where you can see how a driver throws his car at the nurse. Later they exchange some words and finally end up cruelly assaulting her.

They beat me, kicked me, dragged me, spat at my face until they got tired “

France explained that the alleged reason for the attacks by the couple was because she “had brought the virus to their doorstep”

France confessed feeling quite hurt by the situation, because while in other countries they recognize the great work of medical personnel, in Mexico ignorance has generated dozens of attacks.

It hurts to talk about what happens to your people, it hurts to talk about health workers, that we are also people, that we also have family and that today we are leaving many things, we are leaving our houses, our family, we are leaving our life in hospital units. “

Detention of the aggressors

The couple was identified as Anthuan “N” and Sandra “N”, who are allegedly responsible for the aggression carried out on Friday of last week in the streets of the Mayor Gustavo A. Madero.

Security elements managed to arrest both defendants yesterday and made them available to the Public Ministry to dictate their responsibility for the events.

Attacks on health personnel in Mexico

The attacks that IMSS nursing personnel have received for being considered a source of Covid-19 contagion have been registered in twelve states of Mexico and now total 21 cases, recently reported, Fabiana Maribel Zepeda Arias, Head of the Division of Programs of IMSS Nursing.

The assaults range from attacks with chlorine and hot coffee, impediments to using public transport and insults, to fires on private property.

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