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They built the wall that can now fall into the Rio Grande that separates Mexico and the USA. Trump says he never agreed – News

Despite previously supporting the “We Build the Wall” group project, Donald Trump assured, in a message published on the social network Twitter, that he never agreed with the construction in that place in the south of the state of Texas, which started in May of 2019.

“I did not agree to make this small (tiny) section of the wall, in a complicated area, by a private group that raised money through advertisements. It was only made to make me look bad, and now it doesn’t even work. It should have been built like the rest of the wall, ”wrote Trump, after news that the building showed signs of erosion and could fall into the Rio Grande, which separates Mexico and the USA, if not repaired.

The structure was erected on the banks of the river, following the collection of funds by the group of supporters of the President, who managed to raise about $ 25 million in donations via the Internet. Among the elements linked to “We Build the Wall” are Steve Bannon, former adviser to Donald Trump, and Kris Kobach, also a political adviser to the American President.

In the campaign for the 2016 presidential election, Trump made building a wall with Mexico one of his main electoral promises. However, Congress refused to finance it in its entirety, so only a few parts were built.

So far, the US Government has built approximately 338 kilometers of a steel fence – and not a concrete wall – at the border, that is, only 10.6% of the approximately 3,180 kilometers of the border with Mexico, with only 26 kilometers of work progressed in areas without any type of structure.

Also this Sunday, Donald Trump assured through Twitter that the country will have another 720 kilometers of wall built by the end of 2020, although without giving details of the project.

In the same message, the American President reiterated that he had “some of the best numbers ever” in terms of illegal immigration and accused the Democratic Party of wanting to open the borders completely and allow criminals to enter.


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