They call the police for a clandestine party and find a cat “listening” to music

“There is a loud musical noise that prevents us from resting.” Strange, but true, the story that comes from the town of Lugo, in Spain, where neighbors reported an alleged clandestine party in the house next door, which, in addition to the annoyance of not being able to sleep, is dangerous given the danger of being able to generate outbreaks. coronavirus.

But when police officers arrived at the scene instead of happy people to report they found a cat listening to the stereo at full blast. The next day, the police spoke to the owner of the apartment who said he was out of town and explained what probably happened: “My cat has a habit of turning on the stereo with his paw and moving the wheel. of the volume “.

This bizarre fact has generated a lot of irony on social networks where the cat has already been nicknamed “party cat”, while others, much more pragmatic, have advised the owner to disconnect the stereo from the power supply to prevent the problem from happening again.

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