They capture a dangerous gang member who was hiding from justice in Belize – 102nine Periódico Digital de El Salvador territory of young adults

Through social networks, the Minister of Security, Gustavo Villatoro, highlighted that thanks to police coordination between brother countries, they captured another dangerous gang member who tried to hide and commit crimes in Belize.

According to the head of Security, this is Henry Israel Reyes Martínez, alias “Raro”, from 18 Sureños, a homeboy from the Montes de San Bartolo 3 field, Soyapango tribe, who was located by the Belize City police in irregular immigration status and was reported to the authorities.

He added that later, the Transnational Anti-Gang Center (CAT) of El Salvador coordinated with the authorities of Belize and the CAT Guatemala for his return to the country.

After his entry through the Anguiatú border, in Metapán, members of the Police CAT proceeded to arrest him.

Now this criminal awaits years in prison for all the crimes committed against Salvadorans.

“No terrorist will escape the arm of justice, wherever they hide, we will find them,” Minister Gustavo Villatoro reiterated.

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