They capture a lion that escaped from a circus and was walking near homes in Ladispoli

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A lion that was seen wandering the streets of the Italian city of Ladispoli (center) after escaping from a circus was finally captured tonight after “hours of great concern,” according to the mayor, Alessandro Grando.

On Saturday afternoon, the councilor had asked the residents of this city on the Roman coast from social networks “maximum attention” and that they did not leave their homes due to the presence in the streets of a lion escaped from a circus.

In fact, the animal had already been seen walking between the houses on Viale Mediterráneo, in the center of this city in the Lazio region, to the fright of its neighbors, who recorded it with their phones.

After locating the lion in a stream in Ladispoli, finally, around midnight, the city council reported that it had been “sedated and captured” and returned to the circus staff, deactivating the alert.

Personnel from the Police, the Carabineros (militarized police), firefighters, local agents, volunteers and the circus workers themselves participated in the operation.

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