They capture gang members who tried to enter Mexico and flee the regime of exception

Melvin Edenilson Renderos, alias “Muñeca” and Óscar Eduardo Ángel Borja, alias “Wifi”, were each sentenced to 10 years in prison for attempting to murder a victim who was traveling by bus to a medical check-up. The affected person was on public transport that makes its way from Comasagua to Santa Tecla.

The events occurred on March 5, 2021, and according to the victim who enjoys a protection regime, he had known the accused for at least three years, and had previously received death threats.

According to his account, in the early hours of the morning he was going to the San Rafael Hospital, in Santa Tecla, when the gang members got on the bus through the back door and without saying a word attacked him with a firearm; however, the victim was able to escape and save his life. However, due to the injuries caused, complications arose that affected vital areas of his body.

The victim, upon escaping, arrived in the town of Comasagua and met police officers who were patrolling the area and reported the attack. The policemen helped her and took her to the hospital.

Thanks to the arduous investigation of the prosecutors in the case, it was possible to identify the subjects, who were identified by the victim; subsequently, the FGR ordered the arrest of both gang members.

The trial was held in the First Sentencing Court of Santa Tecla, and the judge admitted all the evidence offered by the prosecutor, managing to sentence them to jail for the crime of Attempted Homicide.

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