They capture Manuel Mijares in a wheelchair; this is what happened to him

After yesterday he was seen in forums of Televisa moving around in a wheelchair, the Hoy program interviewed Manuel Mijares, who spoke about why he is in recovery.

According to the singer, he is in recovery after receiving a knee replacement:

“They operated on me, but I’m fine, now they did put my knee prosthesis on me and we had to do it before, but we already did it. We have been doing it for eight years and right now there was the opportunity to do it ”.

According to the singer, the operation was delayed for a long time, as he had previously had two medical interventions on the same knee. However, he needed the third operation.

I played a lot of American football, the first operation was done in 1973, and the second I had in 1996 and now this one ”, explained.

So you will be in recovery for several weeks.


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