They cite Adrián Suar for investigation: he is accused of plagiarizing a novel to make a movie

Adrián Suar at the investigation

Adrián Suar will be investigated remotely next Friday 23 at 9.30 by the judge Alberto Banos who subrogates the Court of Instruction during these days 3. The investigation is for the crime of plagiarism from a complaint initiated by the journalist and writer Daniel Frescó who considered that Suar had copied his book Soccer Sick to create the plot of the movie Soccer or me.

Frescó published in 2015 his novel that tells the story of Jesus Jose Miranda, a porteño who loses his job, stops seeing part of his family, buys an armchair and a huge television and only dedicates himself to watching football matches of all categories and on all continents. Although he is a fan of Independiente like the author of the book, Miranda watches all the soccer games that are available to her. Everybody. It does not overlook any, no matter how distant or insignificant it may seem.

In the novel, JJ Miranda is a true “soccer patient” who acquires celebrity characteristics due to the affection that thousands of people who “suffer” from the same “condition” take for him. Emilse, Miranda’s wife, jaded by such a situation, forces him to decide: “I chose José. You have to choose. Is it soccer or me “, warns him.

And Miranda had no doubts: he stayed with football. That phrase printed on page 95 of the book published by Emecé, a stamp of Editorial Planeta, was coincidentally the title chosen by Suar for his film. That was one of the reasons that led Frescó to initiate the lawsuit. The script for the film is the brainchild of Suar and Marcos Carnival. And the producer of the movie was José Levy. Judge Baños summoned Suar, Carnevale and Levy to the investigation.

In 2017 Frescó saw the trailer for the film that premiered in August of that year in Argentine cinemas. He decided to make the complaint just by having seen a tight synthesis of the film: the “coincidences” were notorious. In the film Soccer or me businessman Suar acted with actress Julieta Díaz.

When Frescó made the complaint, he explained that he had met with Levy – still the book Soccer sick it had not begun to be sold in bookstores-, who expressed interest in “being able to read the book to see the possibility of making a joint script.”

Levy, Suar’s partner explained to him at the time that they had bought the rights to the film I’m a fan of Standard, what counted the story of a fan of the Belgian team Standard de Liège. In the complaint that gave rise to the court case in which Suar was called for an investigation, Frescó indicated that he had explained to Levy – at that time – that the two stories were different. That of “his” Miranda was about the life of a “soccer patient”, of all soccer. On the other hand, the character of the Franco-Belgian film was a fan of a single team.

Frescó’s complaint, who is represented by the lawyer Pablo Slonimsqui, was settled in the Court of Instruction 3. The judge who at that time was in charge of the court, Guillermo Carvajal, delegated the investigation to the prosecutor Martín Mainardi.

Daniel Frescó and his book “Soccer Sick”

The prosecutor ordered an expert report to compare Frescó’s novel with Suar’s film. They intervened as experts in this case Alejandro Vaccaro Y Norberto Regueira by the Argentine Society of Writers (SADE) and Romanian Pablo Setton from the University of Buenos Aires. The complainant and the defendants also appointed experts. On the side of Frescó he intervened Graciela Gliemmo, while Suar and Carnevale named the filmmaker Juan Jose Campanella already the scriptwriter Marcela guerty.

As usually happens, the party experts ruled in favor of those who appointed them. Gliemmo maintained that Suar plagiarized Frescó in both Campanella and Guerty, quite the opposite.

The official experts were forceful: the film had taken – without doubt – ideas from the novel.

At the conclusion of the first appraisal It was explained that “… it can be considered that both the book and the film have in their expression and in their organization a degree of originality of their own. However, both pieces use various motifs that are not original, which has a long tradition in literature, cinema and other artistic expressions. Beyond these elements, It should be noted that many elements in common between both works can be recognized and the reproduction and partial, total or disguised creative elements of the novel can be seen in the film and in its script. The film takes many of these elements mentioned as original from the book. It should be noted that the script that appears in the file still preserves the changes that occurred in the long process that goes from the first submissions to request subsidies from the Film Institute to the final product of the film. The script of the file still has the first title that was conceived for the purpose, “SOS my passion”. But this title is crossed out and we read about this crossed out title the new title, “Soccer or me “. In relation to the film, this new title refers to the scene in which the protagonist’s partner gives him the choice between her and the sport of which he is a fan. That scene finds its correlation in the novel on pages 94 and 95 ″.

But despite the result of the expert opinion that Suar had plagiarized Frescó’s novel, the prosecutor Mainardi requested the dismissal of the accused. The prosecutor had analyzed the novel, Suar’s film and the Franco-Belgian film and determined that there was no plagiarism. He held that Soccer or me It had been nourished in part of the history of the European film and that despite having similarities with Frescó’s novel, it was not a complete copy. And so Mainardi proposed to dismiss Suar, Carnevale and Levy.

At Mainardi’s request, the judge Mariano Iturralde -which replaced Carvajal who retired- resumed the investigation and asked to do a new expertise. The judge requested that the specialists also analyze the film about the Standard de Liège and compare it with the novel by Frescó and the film by Suar. It is that the argument of the defense that indicates that the Argentine film was based on the European one was introduced in the file after the beginning of the first expert report. And that is why it could not be analyzed by the experts.

Suar's movie poster released in 2017

Suar’s movie poster released in 2017

The three official experts were the same. And Frescó kept Gliemmo. But Suar and Carnevale summoned the filmmaker Daniel Burman and the scriptwriter and director Mario Segade. The party experts returned to rule in favor of those who appointed them. And as on the first occasion, the official experts determined that there was plagiarism.

In the second appraisal, to which Infobae accessed through sources with access to the file, the experts re-analyzed that situation in which Miranda must choose between soccer and his wife. In this regard they said: “This choice and the ultimatum, present in the book and the film, are not found at all in the Belgian film in any sense. Furthermore, it should be noted that the Argentine film takes this scene from the book and makes it the central conflict ”.

In the report, the official experts cited several cases of Argentine works in which they spoke of fanaticism for soccer. And they explained: “… we also consider of great relevance the fact that the tradition of Argentine audiovisual football narrative, but not only systematically has a partial fan in its protagonist, and that partiality is a fundamental component, necessary for the plot and the construction of the hero. From what has been said, it can then be inferred that the tradition of the audiovisual representation of soccer in Argentine cinema has been built from the founding figure of the neighborhood club fan (or exceptionally of the national team). In that sense, the universalist passion for sport itself represents a very marked break with that tradition. This universalist passion for soccer of Jesús José Miranda in the novel and Pedro Pintos (editor’s note: the protagonist of Suar’s film) in the film is articulated in both works, as we have shown, with the proliferation of screens and various technologies that allow watching football at any time and under any circumstance “.

A few days ago the three official experts concluded that: “For these reasons, we maintain that the film Soccer or me presents clear thematic and formal coincidences with the novel Soccer sick by Daniel Frescó (as we have marked them in detail). These coincidences, likewise, are presented as innovations of the novel, since they are not found in the preceding narrative tradition, as we have analyzed in the preceding report. Of the coincidences indicated between the book and the novel in the first report of the expertise, it only finds a precedent in the Belgian film I am a Standard Supporter the subplot referring to the protagonist’s illness / addiction and its connection with the treatment of the help groups in the manner of Alcoholics Anonymous ”.

With the result of the expertise in sight Judge Baños summoned Suar, Carnevale and Levy to the investigation. Hearings are set for next week. Tuesday is Levy’s turn, Thursday Carnevale’s and Friday declares Sweating.

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