They claim guilty rapper that he filmed his girlfriend while he was dying


ISThe rapper, Ceon Broughton, was found guilty of culpable homicide, having undergone a trial for supplying drug to Louella Fletcher-Michie, daughter of actor John Michie, and filming her while she was dying, instead of calling a & # 39 ;ambulance.

The girl's family stated that her boyfriend gave her the drug Tucibi "2CB" (a hallucinogen) which caused her to overdose during the Bestival music festival, in Holland, in 2017.

The defendant showed no emotion when the verdict was confirmed and asked his defense to write to his mother. The sentence will be announced tomorrow.

In court, an ex-girlfriend of Ceon Broughton confirmed the obsession with the man for filming women while they were suffering, remembering that he recorded while bleeding and that YouTube posted a video of an unconscious woman.

Paulina Aberg has hired lawyers to come to her ex-boyfriend's trial in order to provide film evidence in which Broughton is seen giving drugs to a woman and encouraging her to consume excessively. Before the court has shown two videos, where we see the defendant offering two spoons of drugs to a woman in underwear.

Louella Michie was found dead at Bestival, in the early hours of Monday CREDIT: INSTAGRAM

Aberg said that a month before the festival in which Louella Fletcher-Michie died, Broughton gave her "a big load of drugs", which caused a bad reaction in her body that threw her and wounded her. He also confirmed that his ex-boyfriend photographed "people suffering or dying, because he seemed to have an interest in this".

The young woman's mother who died at the festival said, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail, out of court: "Regardless of the outcome of this harrowing process, there will never be winners".

"Our sentence began on what would have been Louella's twenty-fifth birthday. Ceon's sentence is to know that he did not help Louella survive."

Louella and Ceon Broughton accompany John Michie, his partner Carol Fletcher, his son Sam, his daughter Daisy and her boyfriend Jamie Jamieson at dinner. CREDIT: INSTAGRAM / @ CAROLFLETCHERMICH

Hours of agony

Fletcher-Michie, the daughter of the BBC series Holby City, died several hours later, according to the attorney for the prosecutor, William Mousley, "Broughton was filming while she was angry, agitated and badly ill person "; and added that "he kept recording even after he apparently died".

According to the information presented in the justice, Broughton had received a sentence of 24 months in prison, suspended for a year (the month before Fletcher-Michie's death).

"His decision not to receive medical assistance, which could have saved his life, was motivated by his selfishness and his desire to save himself," Mousley said.

Because if he had taken another path and acted favorably, he knew that he would be arrested and sentenced to prison for a crime. His lack of action, to a large extent, caused Loubella's death.

In the videos presented as evidence, the television star's daughter screams at her partner to call her father and seek help, but he responds by telling her to keep the phone.

Carol Fletcher-Michie, mother of the deceased, finally managed to talk to Louella at 6:48 pm and worried about hearing their "screams". She was so afflicted by the call that, together with the actor, they went immediately to the festival, calling and sending repeated messages to Broughton, as they declared before the jury.

Sam, the dancer's brother and yoga instructor, also contacted Ceon to urge him to seek medical help. However, the man replied that he "calls again in an hour" by calling his girlfriend "overly dramatic".


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