They claim that he cheats on Chiquis Rivera

  • They claim that Lorenzo Méndez cheats on Chiquis Rivera
  • They uncover photos of Lorenzo Méndez’s alleged lover

And the bomb exploded. Through social networks, they assure that the singer Lorenzo Méndez cheats on his wife Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera, and uncovers photos of her alleged lover.

The entertainment journalist Nelssie Carrillo, through her account Instagram, shared this revealing news and showed several images from the account @secret_lover_of_lorenzo_mendez, which is private and where it is stated that “Lorenzo Méndez makes love to this beautiful model every time he goes to El Paso without Chiquis.”

Lorenzo Méndez supposed lover. With more than 140 likes so far, this publication says: “@secret_lover_of_lorenzo_mendez assures that this woman is the lover of the singer and husband of #chiquis #lorenzomendez so far both have not commented on the matter “.

Next, we present the messages that can be read in the images shared by journalist Nelssie Carrillo, and that according to the Instagram account @secret_lover_of_lorenzo_mendez, the singer deceives Chiquis Rivera:

“Here is the model with which Lorenzo is unfaithful. No wonder Lorenzo lies to Chiquis every night that he is in El Paso and he pretends to be tired and that he is already in bed at home ready to fall asleep. How smart the X-Limón! ”.

“Lorenzo showing off and walking his lover around El Paso. In the mirror you can see that the model is recording with her phone ”.

“Lorenzo lets the mistress drive his Corvette that Chiquis paid for. You can see that in the 3 photos the girl has the same tatoo (tattoo) ”.

Lorenzo Méndez alleged lover. “A romantic afternoon in the park. How hot they both look ”.

Another day visiting her lover to go lazy in the Corvette. Lorenzo even let his mistress drive the Corvette. “

“Swimming together all night. Lorenzo still has his bathing suit wet and he got his shirt wet. “

“The girl is very in love and excited every time Lorenzo goes to El Paso and gives him his bum. She says she loves him and put her hearts on him ”.

“Lorenzo has the same look and smile of Don Pedro Rivera from playboy lover, hahaha.”

“Another romantic night alone in a club in El Paso.”

Lorenzo Méndez alleged lover Chiquis Rivera

Lorenzo Méndez supposed lover. The comments did not take long to reach this Instagram account: “Beautiful model? From where? “,” I don’t think he’s in it, if not, the one who loses is him, Chiquis Rivera is a great wife “,” He doesn’t compare to Chiquis !!! I don’t think it’s true “,” Well, if it’s true, what the hell did Lorenzo Méndez cheat on Chiquis with this woman. Chiquis is a thousand times better and much prettier than this one ”.

Other Internet users were very forceful in their messages: “If Beyonce and JLo get the horn, don’t put it on the @chiquis tick, haha, things as they are”, “Haha, that’s right, if those that are women, the Chiquis asked … with more reason. If the subject (referring to Lorenzo Méndez) is a top-notch drumsticks ”.

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