They close another nightclub in the Atalayas area of ​​Murcia due to the fire in an electrical panel of the premises

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The Local Police and the Firefighters of the Fire Extinguishing and Rescue Service (SEIS) have quelled an attempt this morning fire in an electrical panel located outside a nightclub from Atalayas leisure area of Murcia.

The incident occurred at two in the morning, when the Police and Firefighters received a call from the premises managers warning that it was being seen smoke coming out of a panel of electricity meterslocated outside the building, on the side of the Ceuti street.

The Police and Firefighters deployed in the area proceeded to eviction of people who were inside the nightclub, for greater security, and ended the fire outbreak quickly.

After solving the incident, the nightclub has been ordered to remain closed until the electrical installations of the premises are checked.

13 people died at the beginning of October in the fire at the Fonda Milagros nightclublocated in the same leisure area of ​​Murcia.

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