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They confirm that there are already two cases of coronavirus in La Plata, one of them indigenous

This Thursday the first two cases of coronavirus in La Plata were confirmed, one imported and one indigenous. This is a 36-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman who tested positive for COVID19 after the symptoms of the disease were reported.

According to the data that this newspaper could obtain, the first patient traveled to Thailand and a few days after returning to the country, he began with the symptoms of the disease that has already exceeded half a million infections in the world. In principle, everything points to this being an imported case.

Meanwhile, after 9:00 p.m., the Municipality of La Plata confirmed the second case of a person infected with coronavirus. “The second case of coronavirus in La Plata was reported in the Argentine Integrated Health Information System (SISA). The sample was taken at the El Cruce hospital in Florencio Varela and corresponds to a neighbor of our city,” he published in his account Twitter the Municipality.

According to trusted sources, this woman would be the first autochthonous case detected in our city. Among the data that this newspaper could obtain is that the young woman works as a nurse in the El Cruce hospital in Florencio Varela and that she lives in our city.

After the first infection was revealed, it was also reported that samples taken from 26 other residents of our city are being analyzed with the aim of establishing if they have been infected with the COVID19 virus.

Regarding the first case that became known today after 6:00 pm, the mayor Julio Garro himself maintained in dialogue with EL DIA, that the man is 36 years old and returned to the City on March 18. He explained that on the 22nd he would have entered the San Juan de Dios hospital in our city with a dry cough and fever, two of the most characteristic symptoms. From that day samples were taken that were sent for analysis and it was isolated, so the results made in Malbrán were expected. Finally today they arrived with a diagnosis of positive for Covid19.

In this way, this man became part of the list of confirmed cases that the national government announced at a press conference, as it has been doing in recent days.

As indicated by the Ministry of Health of the Nation in its evening daily report, four people died and 87 were diagnosed with coronavirus, bringing the death toll to 12 and 589 infected since the start of the pandemic in Argentina.

According to what this newspaper could find out, the man lives in Melchor Romero and when he presented an acute respiratory infection, he called the Same, who immediately transferred him to the aforementioned hospital in La Plata, where the swab was performed. He is currently hospitalized with a non-serious condition.

Also qualified sources informed EL DIA that the patient traveled to Thailand with the girlfriend and that although she was transferred by Same that same day, she did not present symptoms of the disease and was discharged from San Juan de Dios, with the obligation to strictly comply with quarantine at home.

On the other hand, in La Plata there are 26 suspected cases, of which 8 of them would be positive, according to the qualified medical sources consulted. It should be remembered that of the total number of cases, 30 were registered in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, 27 in the province of Buenos Aires, two of them in our City, 12 Santa Fe, 3 in Chaco, 3 in Córdoba, 3 in Tierra del Fuego, 3 in Neuquén, 2 Jujuy, 2 in Santa Cruz, 1 Mendoza and 1 San Luis.

“The deceased belong to Chaco, a 59-year-old man with a history of travel to the United States and comorbidities under study; two men from the province of Buenos Aires, one 89 and another 78 years old; and an 82-year-old woman from Ciudad of Buenos Aires, “said the report.

The health portfolio detailed that of the 87 cases diagnosed in the last 24 hours, “37 correspond to people with a history of travel to areas with community transmission, while 24 are close contacts of confirmed cases and 26 are under investigation to determine the history epidemiological”.

For these days, the authorities expect a “significant increase” in the statistics of new infected, and that is reflected through the progress in the decentralization of the tests to detect coronaviruses, which previously was only in charge of the Malbran Institute.

At the moment, “in Argentina, most of the cases are imported, local transmission is detected in conglomerates and the start of community transmission in the AMBA and Chaco region is identified,” the ministry reported.

The ministry said that “the health authorities of the provinces are carrying out the epidemiological investigation of the new confirmed cases, in order to detect close contacts so that they comply with home isolation with daily monitoring established by protocol.”


The Municipality of Berisso, through the Ministry of Health, today reported the registration of a suspected case of coronavirus in the district. This is a nurse who returned from Cuba, along with 3 family members, who were complying with social and compulsory isolation after returning from abroad. Before the subsequent onset of symptoms, followed by notification, the Municipality activated the corresponding health protocol, transferring the person through the SAME municipal service to the Larrain Hospital.

The first tests were carried out in the hospital and she remains hospitalized with the corresponding insulation. In the coming days, after the analysis of the exams, the results of the exams will be known. It should be clarified that from the municipal Health area in conjunction with the intervening dependencies, the sanitary control of the cohabitants is being carried out, who continue to comply with the quarantine and that so far they did not present symptoms.

It is important to mention that this case is not of community or indigenous transmission, but occurs because it comes from an endemic country. In relation to the health structure in the second level of care, the Mario Larrain Hospital will have two sectors, a blue one for the general guard and an orange space for all coronavirus cases, with two different admissions. The hospital has six intensive care beds with respirators, plus three operating rooms, and another six beds with six respirators are coming soon, sources from that community reported.



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