The Vatican announced this Saturday that a positive case of coronavirus in the residence of Santa Marta, where Pope Francis lives.

“A positive case of covid-19 was registered among the residents of the Vatican. The patient, for now asymptomatic, was isolated, as well as all who were in contact with him,” said the press office of the Holy See.

In addition, he added that the infected person had “temporarily left the Santa Marta residence, where he usually lives.”

The statement does not contain details about the health status of the pope, who since he was elected has settled in Santa Marta and not in the apostolic palace. “The health of all residents is constantly monitored,” he limited himself to pointing out the text.

In the hearing last Wednesday, Francisco – who does not wear a mask – avoided contact with the faithful and greeted them from a distance.

“Forgive me if I greet you from afar but I think that if all of us, as good citizens, respect the prescriptions of the authorities, this will contribute to putting an end to this pandemic,” the Pope said then.

Regrowth in Italy

Italy, where the virus has already claimed 36,000 lives, has significant outbreaks of the virus and on Friday 10,000 new cases were registered in 24 hours, an absolute record since the start of the pandemic.


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