They create a kit to convert a combustion motorcycle into an electric one

To contribute to the decarbonization of the planet, but at the same time take advantage of combustion engine vehicles, researchers from the National University of San Luis, in Argentina, have developed a kit so that anyone who has a combustion motorcycle can remove its engine and replace it. for an electric one.

The main objective of the kit, which consists of the electric motor, the controller and the battery, is to transfer the technology in its entirety or in parts to the industry. In addition, based on its prototype, it is proposed to use it as a platform for different tests and improvements on the development carried out.

“What we suggest is a conversion kit for combustion motorcycles, which are the ones that are on the streets today, to electric motorcycles, that is, anyone who has a motorcycle can remove their combustion engine and replace it with an electric motor with its batteries and all their controls”, Guillermo Catuogno, director of the project, explained to Argentina Investiga.

In order to present the project to the UNSL Xi university innovation contest, in which they obtained first place, it was decided to develop the first prototype and that is why, starting from marketing, the classic Puma motorcycle, of national production in the United States, was chosen. 50’s

Given the advances in the decarbonization of the planet and the elimination of fossil fuels, electromobility is vital for sustainable development. It is estimated that by 2035 internal combustion vehicles will no longer be manufactured.


Source: NCYT

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